Zavvi has LEGO summer 2022 sets now available early

After you have seen a selection of new LEGO creations, it is possible to go home. Yesterday’s hit the shelves in storesZavviThis gives builders in the United States the opportunity to get started quickly. Take home sets that won’t be launching until later on in the year. Unlike European countries, many of the LEGO summer sets aren’t released stateside until August 1 and the 2022 collection is no different. The retailer has a stockpile of a variety of LEGO sets in preparation for their release, including the new buildable Groot, Architecture Pyramids of Giza, and the Ninjago summer 2022 collection.

Zavvi has LEGO summer 2022 sets now available early

ZavviIt is a favorite at 9to5Toys for the rare discounts the retailer offers on LEGO sets that don’t get love from the likes of Amazon. On top of just marking down creations that other stores won’t, it is offering an Early chance to score the next kits that haven’t even released here in the United States yet. Shipping will run you $5 for just about all of the creations, and even if it’s not the same 2-day delivery you can find at other retailers, these will still arrive well before you’ll even have a chance to order them direct from LEGO. LEGO sells all kits. Their retail price tagsAlso,

Highlight of the LEGO summer 2022 collection is the new Groot, a LEGO model you can build yourself that you can get as early as possible. Straight from Guardians of the Galaxy 2. This LEGO LEGO model is life-sizedIt can stack up 476 pieces and is 10.2 inches in height.

The LEGO version Vol. of the Awesome mix Vol. The latest brick-built Marvel icon has been added to the collection. A cassette tape can be purchased to accompany the display plaque. Get your cassette tape now Available for $54.99The LEGO Groot will be a hit when it launches later in the year.

You can make the most of August and assemble the latest LEGO Architecture set

2022 will bring another Wonders of the World to the Architecture side of the LEGO LEGO LEGO LEGO LEGO LEGO LEGO LEGO LEGO LEGO line up. Egypt, the New is the next step. Great Pyramid of GizaYou can stack up 1 476 pieces. This set is impressive and display-worthy. It is primarily responsible for the construction of the main pyramid. cityIn the foreground.

It can only stack half of the pyramid due to its cutaway layout, but you can lock it in now so that you can decide if buying another set is worth it. In either case, you can now purchase the Great Pyramid of Giza. For $129.99. And if you’re not convinced, Our announcement coverage details everything else you’ll need to know about the upcoming set.

Get the 3-in-1 Viking Ship Builder now

In terms of what the Creator 3-in-1 seriesAugust 2022: There are many exciting options for builders in the summer 2022 lineup. It will be a return at least to a classic LEGO design. The new theme draws inspiration from 2005’s Vikings theme. Viking Ship and Midgard Serpent Set stacks up to 1,192 pieces and assembles one of the most detailed longships we’ve seen in LEGO form to date.

You can also make two more models from the bricks to fulfill the Creator 3-in-1 brand. Both models are Viking-themed and you can also build a menacing wolf to go along with a small house and livestock sidebuilds.

Just like the rest of the sets. Zavvi is listing early, the Creator 3-in-1 Viking Ship isn’t officially shipping in the United States until August 1. It is still available for purchase at the earliest. Retail price $119.99It is possible plan ahead.

LEGO Train enthusiasts are also in luck as the Express Passenger Train is joining the early listing courtesty by Zavvi. This is the newest RC train in the City lineup. It includes 764 pieces as well as six minifigures. The $179.99Price point. On top of being integrated into the LEGO PoweredUP ecosystem for some motorized functionality, there’s also enough track to build out a 47- by 27-inch route to drive the train around.

LEGO Ninjago summer 2022 set are now available for purchase.

On top of the upcoming Groot, there’s also many of the new LEGO Ninjago summer 2022 sets included from ZavviThis time. You can read the rest. Our announcement coverage of the wave from earlier in the spring, you’ll know that the Samurai X MECH newThis is a personal favourite of the lineup and it’s available now before August. This mecha, which measures more than 12 inches tall, is the latest in the Ninjago series. The $119.99Price point. The unique X design looks even more amazing when paired with the vibrant colour scheme, eight minifigures included and a wide range of accessories.

  • Zanes Gold Dragon Jet $30 | 258 pieces 
  • Ninja Dragon Temple: $40 | 161 pieces 
  • The Temple of the Crystal King $80 | 703 pieces
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    Zavvi has LEGO summer 2022 sets now available early

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