Who was the one who put The Millennium Falcon in Minecraft?


One modder did something extraordinary in a galaxy faraway. Everyone should thank them.

The force is strong in Minecraft, as one fan creates an extremely accurate version of Han Solo’s infamous light freighter in the game.

Fans of MinecraftAmazing things are what you can do in the game. And the creativity doesn’t stop there, in fact, it doesn’t stop there as this latest creation take us to a galaxy far, far away.

Reddit was the first place that a talented builder shared a detailed Minecraft replica of the scene. Millennium Falcon. The image shows an aerial view of the legendary smuggler’s ship as it sits in Docking Bay 94 in Tatooine as if it was just parked by Han Solo himself.

And it appears this won’t be the last Star WarsThis user will inspire us with his creative creations. One commenter suggested that a replica of the be made. “…dockin bay from the mandolorian with the razor crest.”The creator responded enthusiastically to the question and gave an affirmative answer. “100% my plan is to create more of them, like a replica of tatooine and for sure will add the razor crest!”

Star Wars apparently isn’t the only muse for Minecraft fansAs of late. One fan was able to create a replica Emma Watson’s character in the popular sandbox game. According to the modder, Watson was created using more than 25 million Netherracks. That’s not all. Someone created a mod to add the Super Mario 64 version to Minecraft. However, as most of us know, Nintendo is known for removing any type of copyrighted material from other games, so don’t expect this mod to be up for long. It could be gone, given Nintendo’s history. A modder recently created an entirely new resource Pack that includesRealistic grass. This must have been hard for an 8-bit game. This pack appears to have grass with individual blocks rather than strands.


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Who was the one who put The Millennium Falcon in Minecraft?

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