What does the rumoured soft restart of LEGO NINJAGO mean for LEGO NINJAGO

Rumours of a soft restart for LEGO NINJAGO at 2022 might raise questions about what this could mean for the series-based theme.

This article will discuss the rumoured spoilers of LEGO NINJAGOThey are not confirmed, but it is safest to click away if you wish to keep it a surprise.

Although LEGO NINJAGO was originally a series of LEGO sets, it has become more of a story-focused TV series with LEGO sets that are designed for intertwined with the series’ characters and series. A report detailing a rumoured collection NINJAGO summer 2022 sets also mentioned potential future story details as well as a possibility of a soft restart.

LEGO NINJAGO attempted a reboot with its Rebooted season. This instead continued a previous storyline. We have some ideas for what a soft reboot might look like today.

Television Tropes It explains what a “soft reboot” usually looks like, including options such as a time skip, side stories and alternate universes. A soft reboot is essentially a new story within the same continuity. It builds on the series’ events but gives a different perspective.

Comparing the rumoured wave of LEGO NINJAGO summer 2022 sets to Avengers: Endgame, as the source does, might be a decent, though not a perfect example of what a soft reboot for the theme could be – the same universe with relevant stories, starring a mostly new cast of characters.

The rumours may have suggested that LEGO NINJAGO could be soft-rebooted. As you can see in our list of every character reportedly returning in the possible summer 2022 wave – Skylor, Nelson and Lord Garmadon

These are rumours at the moment and have not yet been confirmed by LEGO Group. We do know that another season is on the way after the Core range earlier this year but we’ve received no official information as to what it could be, other than epic and ambitious.

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What does the rumoured soft restart of LEGO NINJAGO mean for LEGO NINJAGO

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