Watch half of the eighth season LEGO NINJAGO right now!


While we wait for LEGO NINJAGO’s next chapter, the LEGO Group has officially released half the eighth season on YouTube for free.

It’s not uncommon for the LEGO Group’s official YouTube channel to be used to store their catalogue of animated content, though usually full episodes are only uploaded with regional blocks. NINJAGO episodes may be viewed live at times, but archived footage may not be available after the stream.

That’s why the appearance of half of LEGO NINJAGO’s eighth season without regional limits, at least in the UK, might be surprising to some. The first five episodes of Sons of Garmadon’s chapter of the theme can be viewed now, with the embedded video below.

It will last approximately one hour and forty-eight minute. Before you start tuning in, you can grab snacks and a beverage. It might be worth catching up with the season as rumours suggest that a key character in Sons of Garmadon could be back in summer 2022, though this hasn’t been officially confirmed.

Even without the rumours, the Sons of Garmadon season of Lego NINJAGO worth a look. Click the video above to get started. The entire Core range is still available, even though the sets have been retired.


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Watch half of the eighth season LEGO NINJAGO right now!

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