Video: A spectacular flight over a Minecraft Selby

Minecrafters are invited by Selby to explore the virtual world on a brand new Minecraft map.

This visually stunning experience allows Minecrafters to experience the town in very creative ways. Feel what it’s like to fly into the Abbey’s towers, explore hidden staircases, travel up the river Ouse and across the landmark toll bridge and then wander round the historic streets.

Professionals created this latest map. Adam Clarke, a Minecraft artist and digital noodler, is featured on The Common People.

He’s also known as popular youtuber Wizard Keen.

The map builds upon a previous Selby Minecraft world that focused mainly on the Abbey. Minecrafters can claim their own plot on the new map where they can build their own creative ideas for what Selby might be like – past, present and future.

The innovative initiative is part of Selby Stories – the cultural programme for the Selby High Street Heritage Action Zone. Special events and activities will be held throughout the year to celebrate the town’s history and unique characteristics.

Workshops will also help as many people experience Selby in Minecraft. On 13 and 27 August, Minecrafters will be able to take online workshops that will allow them to practice their building skills or have fun creating in their own Minecraft world. Non-Minecrafters are also welcome to drop in at Selby Abbey on Monday 22 Aug from 10am – 3pm.

You will have the opportunity to fly through the Minecraft map. big screenThere are tons of hands-on activities, including building with Lego and designing Minecraft skins. Wizard Keen will also host hourly chats about creating the Minecraft world.

Adam and the Selby Stories team are open to suggestions for ways the map could be improved and explored in new ways over the next few months.

Adam Clarke explains: 

“We’ve had great fun creating the Minecraft world and it’s a wonderful way for people of all ages to let their imaginations run wild and explore Selby in new and different ways.

“We’ve made links to lots of other things happening in Selby. You can even find the Selby Stories writer in residence Sarah Butler, on her market stall and the tiny embroideries in Selby Abbey by artist Serena Partridge within the map.

“We’re really excited about helping people explore this virtual world and seeing how participants’ ideas will shape new and exciting Minecraft adventures over the months ahead.”

Cllr Tim Grogan, Lead Executive Member for Health and Culture at Selby District Council adds: 

“This is an exciting way to get young people to explore the history and heritage of Selby through the Minecraft universe.

“The first sessions, which took place last year, were hugely popular and these latest workshops will quite literally build on their success! It also highlights how the Selby’s High Street Heritage Action Zone is celebrating the town and delivering vibrant activities for local people.”

Jane Jackson, Historic England:  

“This is a fantastic, imaginative way for people of all ages to explore Selby for themselves. It’s a great example of the innovative way that the High Street Heritage Action Zone is helping to celebrate the rich history of the town and spark interest in its heritage in many different, innovative ways.”

You can find details on how to access the Minecraft map, as well as information about events and workshops at a rel=”nofollow noopener” target=”_blank” href=””>


Video: A spectacular flight over a Minecraft Selby

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