Toniebox review: Our preschool tester fell in love with this screen-free kids’ music player

Is the Toniebox an investment worth making?

Whether you’re watching a movie, doing homework on a computer or video chatting with grandparents across the country, our daily lives are inundated with screens. While technology is essential to our daily lives, parents are always looking for ways to educate and entertain their children without using screens.

The Toniebox claims to be a screen-free listening experience that encourages kids’ imaginations without the use of overstimulating, flashing screens. The music box is safe and simple to use for children. It has tactile controls that can be used even by small hands. Its portable design makes it easy to bring along.

To determine whether the TonieboxWe put it to the testing to see if its promises were fulfilled. Here’s what we found. 

The Toniebox is available for testing

We asked a parent to try the Toniebox features and give feedback. While our tester had no prior experience with children’s music or storytelling speakers, their child was familiar with the Toniebox characters and songs.

What is the Toniebox, and how does it function?

Toniebox is Tonies’ best friend during storytime. It’s a screen-free music and storybook player without flashing lights and unsightly buttons. The cube’s softness and cuddliness encourages learning and cuddly play. 

A different way to use a Bluetooth speakerOr Smart speakersToniebox gives children the ability to only access songs and stories with their Tonie characters. Parents can also access additional settings such as maximum volume and access rights within the app. Toniebox was created to be an easy-to use listening device that kids can use without parental control.

Toniebox location and price

The Toniebox is available for purchase on Amazon. It retails for $99.99

How to use the Toniebox

The Toniebox requires a simple setup to connect to Wi-Fi and the Mytonies App. You’ll need to set up a Mytonies account, which is necessary if you want to create a personalized Creative-Tonie. The account was created in less than ten minutes. The Toniebox can run for up to seven hours on one battery charge. It also comes with an easy-to-use, easy-off charging station. 

Toniebox controls are simple and intuitive. You can adjust the volume by pressing the tall rubber ear or the shorter rubber. You can skip tracks by tapping the side of your music box. Tilting it left or right will rewind or fast forward. Children of all ages can use the tactile play controls to provide a sensory experience. 

Place one of the hand-painted magnetic Tonies on top of your cube to select the songs and stories. For example, a Paw Patrol Tonie plays the show’s theme song and an engaging story, while the Cookie Monster Tonie plays songs children are familiar with from Sesame Street. 

You can either choose from a variety color options when you buy the Toniebox or get a starter set. Each set includes a different assortment of Tonies with between 15-60 minutes of content. You can also buy individual Tonies separately. There are many characters that you can choose from when purchasing Tonies. “The Little Mermaid,” “Pocahontas,” “Toy Story,” “The Lion King”Plus, there’s more. There’s also a Creative-Tonie that allows you to record your own songs or stories.

Toniebox benefits

Aside from a cool aesthetic, we loved how many Tonies there are to choose from and appreciated each figure’s stories and music options. The Toniebox is a great entertainment option that doesn’t require a screen and will encourage independence. The control settings ensure that parents don’t have to worry about their children listening to inappropriate music.

Its portability is one of the best features of the Toniebox. It quickly became our favorite toy. The Toniebox accompanied our little one everywhere they went, whether they were eating breakfast, dressing up, or playing outside. It doesn’t need Wi-Fi after the initial setup and has a headphone jack for quiet listening with headphones.

The Toniebox was designed with children in mind. From durability to ease of use, it’s entirely kid-friendly. Our Toniebox survived an accident fall outside without any problems.

Toniebox drawbacks

The starter set doesn’t include a Creative-Tonie. This is the biggest problem. We recommend choosing a starter set with a Creative-Tonie or purchasing one separately, as it’s an excellent feature. While we think the sound quality is suitable for a children’s speaker, it doesn’t rival a high-end speaker, and we wished the volume went louder. 

Many users had problems connecting it to the router. While it wasn’t our experience, it’s something to keep in mind. Toniebox currently only has Tonnies in English or German. This could be improved. Each Tonie is less than an hours worth of content.

Should you buy the Toniebox

We believe that the Toniebox is a screenless music and storytelling device that children can use independently. This cute kids’ speaker is intuitive, fun and grows with your child as their tastes change and mature. This is our best recommendation, based on our experience. Toniebox to anyone with children, especially those looking for screen-free entertainment to encourage children’s independence.

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