This, Do That: The Lego Movie

Emmet, the hero The Lego MovieHe appears to be an ordinary Lego Minifigure until the Lego world is threatened. He is then deemed to be an “Endangered Minifigure”. “special.”Emmet discovers of a secret society that is made up Master Builders. They will be the ones to end the world, according to a prophecy. “special”Lego would save them all from the evil Lord Business. His normality is tested, but his kindness and creativity save them all. This whole story takes place in the basement where a son is building. Lego cityAs a hobby.

Emmet and Finn come together to show that creativity is key to a team’s success. Here are a couple of topics to discuss with your kids after you’ve seen the movie:

  • ’Embrace what is special about you.’Vitruvius (voiced Morgan Freeman), tells Emmet his story. “don’t worry about what the others are doing, you must embrace what is special about you.”
  • Embrace your kids’ creativity. Finn, a boy who plays with the Lego cityHis father was the one who built and created the entire storyline. His father, The Man upstairs, finds Finn. “destroying”He criticizes his cityIt is then used to improve. “Kragle”All the pieces must be glued together. Encourage your kids to be creative with their art, blocks, Lego bricks and music, even if they aren’t always following “the directions.”
  • Kindness is a special quality.However, “prophecy” may have been made up and Emmet wasn’t really “the special,”His kindness made him stand out among other Master Builders. He works well with WyldStyle & Unikitty. His “special power”He gave his life for his friends, and they began sacrificing for each other. 
  • Movie-inspired activities

    Mad Mattr photo from Amazon

    Now that you’ve seen The Lego MovieThese screen-free activities were inspired by the movie.

  • You can make a Lego fidget spinner.These instructions are from the LifesCarousel blogYou can transform any Lego set into a fidget spinning machine.
  • Mad Mattr is a brick-making video game. Kids can build bricks of any size. Mad Mattr (like kinetic sand that doesn’t dry out) and then build with them.
  • Duplo Lego bricks are a great method to teach the alphabet. It’s great for PreK studentsDuplo blocks can be used to write large and small letters. Then, have your children match the letters. This is a great way for teaching addition, subtraction and other math concepts. (Parents that don’t want to write on their bricks can tape the letters and numbers on.)
  • Create on-the-go Lego kits. These are some useful tips. Little Bins For Little HandsThis guide will show how to make travel Lego kits with a challenge card for your children so they can go on road trips.
  • Make Lego dinner. You can order anything from pizza to fruit platters to cupcakes. Toddler Approved Blog.
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    This, Do That: The Lego Movie

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