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I’m not “toy”You can run with someone you already know or with you. “game”; all I’ve got are the best toys and games on sale right now at Amazon. I know, I know, you’re still thinking about “fun size Snickers”Small boxes of Milk Duds are great for trick or treating. But, let me ask you: What’s so “fun” about the world’s smallest Snickers bar? Absolutely nothing, that’s what. I’ve never been a huge fan of Halloween, probably because I was a child of the 1980s and struggled with breathing through those awful plastic masks with that elastic string that would snap you right in the face before the night was over.

Christmas, though? Christmas I can get behind. I love nothing more than finding the perfect gift for someone I care about and giving them gifts of my affection Christmas morning. There’s something about buying toys, though, that makes the whole thing even more exciting. And, that’s what this list is all about: Toys and games the little ones in your house will squeal with delight upon opening. I’ve got superheroes in the house, gifts for the budding artists and musicians, and the usual suspects (Barbie, Play-Doh and some Disney princesses in an odd setting). Get your shopping started now.

You will love our editor’s curated product picks! FYI: We might earn a portion of your Amazon affiliate purchase.

38% OFF! A Hero Haul

They can now create their own stories just by watching their favorite heroes on TV or at the cinema. This set of Marvel favorites measures five inches. They’ll get everyone’s favorite, Captain America, along with Spider-Man, Black Panther, Hulk, and Iron Spider. Each of these can be posed with four points of articulation — head, arms, wrists and legs. It’s the power of the Marvel universe right in the palm of their hand (and for 38% off).

46% OFF! Use Your (Coco-)Melon

Cocomelon is enjoying a moment right now and, according to my mom friends who have kids in that age range, it’s never, ever going away. This sing-and-learn laptop toy uses sounds, lights, music and more than 60 phrases to help children learn letters, numbers, and shapes. All of it’s themed with little ones’ favorite Cocomelon characters. It’s currently on sale for 46%

30% OFF! Connect the Dots

I think I was a nerdy little boy who became a nerdy young man because I loved these types of things. LEGO Dots set then (and, if I’m being honest, now, too). This customizable craft kit includes 228 pieces. These include five flat tag tags of different sizes and colors as well as a variety of lettered or colorful tiles. For a limited time, it’s available for 30% off.

51% OFF! In A Barbie World

BarbieIt makes it exhausting. She’s been an astronaut, a doctor and now an animal center rescue owner in addition to keeping her dream house tidy and her convertible clean? Phew. This set includes a 2-level care station that connects to a tree, as well as eight animals patients. Barbie toys don’t seem to go on sale, but this set is currently at 51% off

30% OFF! Support Your Little Genius

Kids seem to be learning more and faster than ever before and that’s probably due, in large part, to the plethora of electronic devices in society now. This Little Genius Starter KitIt can be used together with an iPad, Fire tablet, and six educational games for children 3-5 years old. Take 30% off during Prime’s Early Access Sale.

32% OFF! Sorry, We’re Not Sorry

Let me tell a secret. Disney’s Villains are my favorite. Maybe it’s because I like to pull for the underdog; maybe it’s because I’m secretly an evil queen. Either way, I’m about to buy this Sorry! with Villains! for myself (while it’s 32% off). This Amazon exclusive boardgame lets you move around as Ursula Jafar Scar scar or Maleficent.

Mallow Out

There are few surprises in the world. For example, most people know their baby’s gender months before he or she is actually born. A lot of kids have a pretty good idea of what’s under the tree. This is not the best. SquishmallowsThis mystery box is a great way for you to surprise them. They’ll get an assortment of five five-inch critters in this box.

55% OFF! A Budding Genius

The “genius” thing to do would be to buy this starter kit that has both Fire and iPad editions while it’s 55% off. This STEM toyThis app is suitable to children 6-10 years of age and includes five play pieces as well as five games apps. And, hey, they don’t have to know they’re learning; all they know is they’re having fun.

35% OFF! Princesses of Candyland

Disney’s princesses get around, don’t they? The ball, a tower, under water … I mean, these are busy ladies. Now, they’re taking on the classic board game CandylandYou can mark the board using Ariel, Rapunzel and Cinderella game pieces. Your princess will be guided to the castle by colorful cards. This exclusive Amazon offer is only available for a short time. 35% discount

33% OFF! A Play-Doh Party

I would love for you to play with me right now. Play-Doh Fun FactoryThis deluxe set includes six colours and more than 30 tools to create your own creative play (all 33% off). Let’s be real. You have to be honest. How many people would open a Play-Doh can just to smell the Play-Doh scent? One reviewer said, “Play-Doh is timeless! Great way for little ones to create and explore for hours.”

41% Pony Up

I prefer the My Little PonyFigures from my youth. Although they were not smizes and mohawks, I still loved them. These figurines have been updated for a new generation. These figurines can now be posed with their heads and arms, legs, and legs. This is a significant improvement from my childhood.

33% OFF! Let’s Go For A Ride

Because of the high price for gasoline, I may have to grab one. Bounce and Ride ride-on toysPlayskool for me. Available for less than $28 (that’s 33% off the regular price), it’s a great option for one-year-olds with both stationary and scooter modes. Amazon’s exclusive offers music and sounds to add some ride-on fun.

46% OFF! Oh, Baby!

If you have a little one in your house, the odds are good they’ve asked “for a baby”For Christmas. (It is possible they meant a pretend kid and not a sibling. I can’t help you out with the latter.) This Baby is AliveBunny’s 12 inch doll and all her sleepover necessities are included in the Bunny Sleepover Set. Amazon offers this exclusive set for almost half the price

34% OFF! Cat Around

First sign you’re old: You have to look up what a “PJ Masks” is. (Turns out, it’s based on a cartoon about regular kids who turn into superheroes at night.) This Charge and Roar Power Cat has many exciting features like motorized charging and rearing activities and over 20 light and sound effects. Hero ID is a Hero ID compliant PJ Masks action hero and villain figures.

69% OFF! Chase A Rainbow

This is our best deal, a full 69% discount. This rainbow scratchbook kit is perfect for artists and little note-writers. It opens as a black piece of paper and then opens to reveal a rainbow assortment of images below. This kit includes a pair rainbow pads, multiple stencils, styluses and many more. This toy is great for kids to take on the go.

42% OFF! Tickle the Ivories

I’ve been playing the piano since I was three years old (the product of a music teacher mom) and I’ve never regretted it. I don’t think anyone ever regrets playing an instrument. This toy piano for toddlersThe instrument features 31 keys, many other features including accompaniment styles, rhythm lights and guide mode. Right now, it’s 42% off.

62% OFF! A Race to the Finish Line

Children should be able and willing to learn. “play” more, don’t you think? Toys such like this Magnetic building block toy set of 100 piecesTwo race cars will be provided to help children focus and pay close attention. You can make the race track design using different shapes and pieces. The current price is $60, which is 62% less than $160.

30% Discount Sunday Morning: Easel like Sunday

EaselsThey can be used for many purposes. From chalk paintings to whiteboard drawings, they’re a source for endless hours of creativity. This set includes a 360-degree design, drawing accessories and an eraser. It’s 30% off “top”It can be removed for fun on the go. It can also be used to play Pictionary with your neighbors after the children go to bed.

Spend less than 40$ Trucking along

Little children who love their parents. Trucks are going to lose it over this set, which features plenty of wheeled vehicles packed inside of — you guessed it — a larger wheeled vehicle. The toddler truck set also includes a playmat and a variety of vehicles that fit in the transport carrier. It’s a bestseller on Amazon and a great buy to boot at less than $40.

22% OFF! Dino Drive

It is possible that Dinosaurs may have been extinct for years (and). Years) ago but our collective obsession with them continues. This dinosaur truck toyThis set is larger than life. It includes eight dinosaur figures, an activity sheet, and dinosaur eggs. This set is 22% discount and sure to delight the little historian or nature lover in your family.

31% OFF! Walkie Like You Talkie

Walkie-talkiesThese toys are perfect for little adventurers. This set has clear sound, key lock function, adjustable volume and an ergonomic design that’s easy for little hands to hold and carry. Parents can also join the action by giving one unit and keeping the other to their child. This set is 31% off and comes in seven colors.

48% OFF! Flower Power

These flowers come in a small container that children can use to plant, sort and organize. They might be worth saving. You can even grab them right now ThisAmazon offers 48% off this book. It allows children to learn about different parts of plants and then create their own creations. When it’s time to put things away, it all stores neatly in a green carry box.

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