The best week in Canada for pet products

Are you looking to get the best price on cat leashes or scratchers? Get 10 pieces to give your pet.

Every week we source the timeliest online sales in Canada, flagging brand-name, big-ticket items and the most in-demand picks. These deals are very limited, so be sure to grab them before they’re gone.

Each item was selected for its ability to meet one of several Endorsed Targets. These include usability and sustainability (can it be donated to charity or recycled after use).), value, brand trust, availability in Canada and consumer reviews (including our own testing). Our goal is to find practical items that make life easier, more manageable, and more efficient.

This week we will be focusing our attention on all things for pets. Here are the top odour-busting products for Canada: a nylon leash and a cat scratching tool. 

(Note – All prices subject to change. Some products may differ slightly from the one shown.


This mesh Carry your bag in a backpackThis is ideal for hiking, transporting to the veterinarian, and any other outdoor activity that requires confinement. It can hold animals up 15 lbs. and folds down for storage. It has adjustable straps that provide shoulder support. It’s only $39.09 Amazon.


hard chew toy

These items are not suitable for dogs who are sensitive to soft toys. Toys with a wolf headThese are for the most aggressive chewers. As this is for animals 20-80 pounds, it’s not designed for growing puppies or their teeth. For more entertainment, peanut butter can be added. Available at Amazon


bissell wet dry

Bissel Crosswave All-in-One Multi-surface Wet/dry vacuumPet owners love the cleaner for its ability to clean carpet and floor spillages and to remove fur from couches and carpets. Available at Canadian Tire


Large dog

There are many cute options for small dogs. But big dogs need protection from the elements. A breathable and bright RaincoatYou can keep your shirt dry and safe by adding a reflective stripe to the back. Available at Amazon


Pet comb steel

Consistent combing keeps a coat healthy and prevents matting. This is what you should be doing. Comb in stainless-steelIt works with both the undercoat and topcoat simultaneously. The teeth’ ends are rounded to give you a more soothing feeling. The handle has a rubber grip for a firm grip. Available at Amazon


hemp oil

This Made-in-Canada hemp oilBoth cats and dogs can safely take vitamins and antioxidants together with fatty acids and vitamins. This combination can reduce anxiety, mobility problems, and promote healthy hair. This formula is THC-free, and the back label has dosage-per weight information. Amazon: $26.99 (use coupon code at checkout for $4 off). Available at Amazon.


hard shell kennel

An Amazon Basics travel kennel is a hard plastic body with a metal gate closure. For a dog or cat who doesn’t like car rides or gets anxious at the vet, this carrier helps gets them from point A to B, without any scratch marks. Available at Amazon


kibbel feeder

Heading back to the office or plan on being out of the house a little more when the weather warms up? This Wi-Fi-enabled automatic pet feeder provides dinner on demand. Program it ahead of time or use the manual function for last-minute meals. It can dispense up to 50 8-oz portions and owners can pre-record a voice message to play when the food is dispensed. $101.99 at Amazon.


natures miracle

Nature’s Miracle is a “you need several bottles of this” tip that pet owners pass on to each other at puppy training class. This three-in-one formula works to break down the elements of odour-causing molecules, not just mask them with a heavy artificial scent. $9.99 at Amazon.


nylon leash

This long nylon leash is great for puppy training, particularly recall training. It’s long enough to give a pup some room to explore while still keeping them under control. (Not suitable for large or heavy breeds.) $21.24 at Amazon.


Cactus cat scratcher

This tall green cat scratcher is for playing and jumping, with a wide base to help avoid tipping. This one is slightly thicker than other poles (this one is 4.3” and most posts are 2.7”). Available at Amazon

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