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LEGO, a popular toy-building firm, has enjoyed success over the past 70 years. They continue to innovate and offer new ways for their fans to enjoy LEGO. LEGO’s Friends series was launched in 2012 and focuses on five young female friends.

Many sets depict the adventures and adventures of Mia and Andrea and Olivia, Stephanie and Stephanie in and around their beautiful suburb. Camper Van Scene. LEGO FriendsYou can find sets in a variety sizes and in a variety settings. Each year, more sets are produced. LEGO FriendsOnline stores now offer sets. Find out more about the main characters and how they help you choose the best. LEGO Friends set.

LEGO FriendsThe series features five young women living in a vibrant suburb of Heartlake. City. Each main character has a unique trait: there’s Stephanie, who is loyal and athletic, Olivia, who is curious and generous, and Andrea, the confident artist. Emma is creative and adventurous, while Mia loves nature.

The five friends create a variety sets that include activities, locations, events, and other fun things in their bucolic home. Sets are often brightly colored, have lots of accessories and include interactive elements. Sets can be combined to create a loose narrative about the character and their world.

LEGO minifigures are well-known for their articulated figurines. The Friends series however, forgoes minifigs in favor of mini-dolls. Mini-dolls, which aren’t made from angular components but have curved features, are rounder. The prominent heads and eyes are more prominent. Mini-dolls are smaller than minifigs and allow for no movement of the wrists and legs.

Mini-dolls based on the main characters are now in stock. Each set features a unique outfit and style. There are also generic characters and named friends, and families. Most sets contain at least two mini-dolls. Larger sets may include four or five mini dolls.

Over 230 Friends Series sets have been produced in the past eight years. The settings include a racetrack, campsite and playground, as well as a campsite. You might also find other common locations in a country. city. They will continue to add sets as they become available.

The majority of LEGO FriendsSets are intended for children aged 6 and over. Half of the sets are best suited to children aged 9 and up. Einige sets are simpler and can be used by children as young as four years old. These sets can be identified by the word ‘Junior.’

The average build will include between 200 and 500 pieces. Some sets may have more pieces than others, while others could include as many as 1,000.

These small bags were offered for sale by Friends for 2 year. Each set contained a unique, colorful, and small habitat. These bags fit easily into larger Friends sets.

Cubes are compact sets that can be assembled and disassembled quickly for children who like to build and play while on the go. Each cube has a unique color and represents a character. There will be accessories and a small scene inside the cube. Friends are encouraged to play with each other and combine cubes.

LEGO is well-known for making Advent calendars every year that are inspired and inspired by pop culture characters. A Friends calendar is also available that features mini-dolls, accessories, and is often themed around holidays. Advent calendars are expensive and can be difficult to find after the season is over.

Most builds cost between $10 to $50. Prices rise as more pieces are added and more complex. The most complicated sets will run $100 or more.

A. LEGO removes sets from all series every so often to make room for new products and keep the inventory fresh. Even though certain builds have been discontinued, secondary retailers may still be able purchase the remaining inventory. These sites and resellers offer the best chance to locate rare Friends sets.

A. If you’re buying LEGO Friends for a child, it’s a good idea to identify one of the five characters they might most relate to. The smaller sets will have one or two miniature dolls. This will allow your child explore the world and grow. You will find a set to suit your child’s interests. Animations featuring the characters are a great way to entertain young children.

Mia’s Camper van: Available at Amazon

Our take: This set is interactive, colorful, and jam-packed, featuring Stephanie and Mia on an outdoor adventure.

What we like: You will find a variety of accessories and parts. There are almost 500 pieces available for a more complicated build. Steph, Mia and Aria are dressed in outdoor clothing. Aria is their horse.

What we don’t like about: Expensive. Only two of the five main characters appear.

Olivia’s Hamster Playground: Available at Amazon

Our take: This set is small but cute, and is great for younger builders.

What we like: This doll features Olivia and her three hamster friends. It is easy to assemble and will appeal to children aged 6 and older. It is fun to play with. Low cost.

What we don’t like: It’s quite small, and is less exciting when taken apart.

Heartlake CityAmusement Pier is available at Amazon

Our take: This is one the most loved Friends sets. It features five mini-dolls who navigate an amusement park at the water’s edge.

What we like: This feature features Olivia and Emma as well as Stephanie and a few other friends. It includes a swing carousel as well as a roller coaster. It is made up of over 1,200 pieces making it complex.

What we don’t like about: Expensive. Many accessories that can easily be lost.

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The best LEGO Friends set – Chicago Tribune

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