The Best Gifts for Car Guys and Gals

Is there a better gift for motoring enthusiasts than an AVTV? Brand new car? Most likely not. Are you so rich that you can afford new cars for the holidays. Most likely, not. You can find many more affordable gifts for automotive enthusiasts that will get their engines revving. Here are some ideas.


While a can of sealant won’t be able to fix every flat tire that happens, this should be able to patch up any puncture up to a quarter of an inch in diameter. It should be capable of handling all types and sizes of tire punctures. Attach the integrated hose to your tire valve and press the lever. The combination of air and sealant will be poured directly into your tire, filling any voids. It’s incredibly fast, allowing you to get back on the road at a fraction of the time it would take to replace the flat with your spare in the trunk. One large SUV tire can be fixed by the 20oz can.

Brush Hero Wheel Brush

This water-powered brush can be connected to any standard gardenhose. It will combine a rotating brush head with a pressurized water stream to clean your car’s tires. It doesn’t use power, by the way, instead relying on the water pressure to get the brush head turning. Even better, it does so without damaging the wheels’ finish. There are two interchangeable brush heads: one for sensitive surfaces and one for heavy muck. It can be used to clean all types of dirt and grime with the same slow and steady spin.

Amazon Echo Auto

For the recipient who’s fond of using Alexa(either via TerminatorThis accessory allows them to stay connected to their favorite intelligent assistant while driving, whether they like or not. It can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth or the car speakers via an audible input. Eight onboard microphones with far-field technology ensure Alexa can hear your commands and queries over loud music, AC, and busy road traffic, so you don’t have to scream all by yourself while driving alone. While it can’t integrate with your car’s infotainment system, it does let you use your phone as a driver-friendly display.

Riparo Reverse-stitched Leather Driving Gloves

Probably one of the best value driving gloves out there, these are handmade from real cowhide leather with a premium feel on the skin (they’re unlined), making them very comfortable to wear, especially during colder days out. It’s touchscreen-friendly, too, so you can operate any touchscreen panel inside newer vehicles, while the reverse-stitching ensures there’s nothing inside that can potentially nick your skin during longer drives.

NOCO Boost Plus GB40

The battery can be recharged. The portable jump starter can jump start a ride as many times as 20 times between charges, and it will keep its charge on standby up to 1 year. The outfit calls it the 1,000-amp unit “a” “mistake-proof”Jump starter system makes it simple and safe for all drivers. It can charge any vehicle with a 6.0 Liter or 3.0 Liter gas engine. It can jump start dead cars batteries and also serves as a USB powerbank or a 100-lumen led flashlight.

Black + Decker Gen 2 Flex Vacuum

Cars should be kept clean. Having a vacuum in the trunk is a great way to ensure they’re ready to do that each time the need comes up. And while there’s a healthy selection of 12V vacuums custom-built for automobiles out there, they just don’t have the suction power to handle most demanding cleaning tasks. This battery-powered model is. The design is fantastic. It has a flat base that can be placed on the car’s floor and a flexible four-foot hose that allows you to reach every part of your car. It also includes a pet hairbrush as well as a long crevice tool.

Lectron Tesla Charging Adapter

If your recipient drives a J1772 EV (pretty much most non-Tesla EVs), consider gifting them this handy adapter, which allows their cars to charge in any Tesla Level 1 or Level 2 charging station, giving you access to thousands of the outfit’s erstwhile proprietary installations. It supports 48 amps and 250V, allowing you to charge you car faster than other adapters, all while being small enough to fit in the glove compartment for easy access when it’s needed.

LEGO Technic McLaren Formula1 Racing Car

Motoring enthusiasts who have a soft spot for toys LEGO Technic sets have long been a can’t-miss gift, no matter the occasion. One of the most sought-after gifts. Technic sets this year is this McLaren F1 model, which recreates the team’s Formula 1 entry from the 2021 season. It not only reproduces the car’s blue-and-orange exterior with great detail, but it also includes a working suspension, a steering system that can be controlled from within the cockpit, a functional differential and a replica V6 engine that moves as the car propels forward. At 25.5 inches long, it’s massive, too, making for a toy your recipient can work on when they do take a break from working on their cars.

Thrustmaster T248 Racing Wheel & Magnetic Pedals

Video games are a popular pastime for people who love cars. And when they do, there’s a good chance they play racing video games. While most racing games can be played with a standard gamingpad you won’t be able to recreate the feeling of driving on real roads. This set is great value for money. It features an incredible force feedback system, a hybrid gear and belt design that feels great, and an interactive race dashboard right on the wheel. Sure, it’s not the sleekest-looking or the quietest rig out there, but it definitely gets the job done.

Kammok Crosswing Car Awning

It can be used for camping, tailgating or both. Car awningInstantly transform your vehicle in to a place you can relax. Kammok’s unique design allows it be folded and pitched in three seconds. That’s right, a roof awning that sets up on its own, with no need to set up poles or run lines. It works with every crossbar and roof rack system from Yakima, Thule, Rhino, and Prinsu, too, all while folding up on the side full-time, so there’s no need to take up any space in the boot.

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The Best Gifts for Car Guys and Gals

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