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DislyteThis game has been a hit addition to the already impressive collection of mobile gacha-style games. It tells a dystopian sci-fi story that is centered around music. The turn-based combat allows you to build your ideal team of heroes (called Espers), and fight a variety of enemies in a series complex strategic challenges.

Spatial Tower is a very popular challenge. To access it, click through to the Infinite Miracle and go to the Trials section. Spatial Tower is the first of 100 trials here. It gets harder each level. You can change your squad between battles, but you may find yourself having to repeat the harder levels – 20, 30, and so on. We know the best Espers to use for climbing the floors, and 90 is no exception.


What will I face at Spatial Tower Level 90

It’s a three-wave battle, with all the enemy Espers you face being level 65. Wave one includes Jiang Man, Sander and Ye Suhua. But despite being quite strong on paper, they are slow off the mark and don’t really get going. It should be easy to take Unky Chai or Ye Suhua out first, if you can.

Wave 2 is also easy to jump on. You’ll face Anesidora, Lin Xiao, Catherine, Fabrice, and Mona. Be particularly careful of Catherine’s Stand Off ability which allows her colleagues to stay alive on 1HP, and Lin Xiao’s damage capability (Anesidora can also hit single targets pretty hard). You should be able pick off the other guys quickly if you get them out early. This will allow you to recharge your stronger abilities for wave three.

Again, wave three doesn’t come that fast out of the block, starting out around the 150 SPD mark. But you’ll be facing:

  • Sally(Purple). She is widely considered to be the best all round healer in the game. She dispels debuffs, grants ATK Up, and is a huge asset to her squad.
  • Unas(Neutral: Damage based in SPD, which he also has the ability to grant.
  • Sienna(Green): This reduces your AP, stuns, and adds SPD and ATK up to all allies.
  • Biondina(Purple). Blocks and dispels all buffs, while hitting hard.
  • Tang Xuan(Green): Random nastiness via damage or de-buffs.

If allowed they will quickly gain SPD and ATK Up, which, if you can’t match it, is devastating – especially coupled with Sally’s big heals thrown into the mix. They’re a fast team that’s hard to kill, but that also punches you hard – a nasty combination.

How do I Beat Spatial Tower 90?

The simple answer is that they have a well-balanced Esper squad with the right Relics to fill in any gaps or maximise their strengths. Spatial Tower 90’s third wave presents a challenge with a balanced team of opponents. You will win if you do it right. This isn’t like many of the Ritual or Sonic Miracle bosses, where a particular style needs to be adopted for victory. There are many ways to gain an advantage.

Color Matching

Wave three contains two Green Espers, two Purple Espers, and a Neutral. So, for example, if you go heavy on Orange Espers and can take out Sally and Biondina quickly, you’re left with a complete mismatch in terms of damage versus an opponent with no healing abilities left in the tank. The Espers we mention below are largely easily accessible on a F2P account, so don’t worry – any player can beat the Tower with a well-created squad of common heroes.


If you can’t be de-buffed, you’re removing half the threat of Biondina, Tang Xuan and Sienna with a single ability. Keep it up long enough to take them down, and you’re left with a mop-up operation. We’ve listed two of the best here, who are relatively easily available to all players.

  • Gabrielle: Her Rush attack has a 4- to 5-turn cooldown. However, as long as she has reached level three, it grants Immunity to all allies and DEF Up for enemies. Broadside can inflict DEF Down upon each enemy if she has high speed. If she has a turn before the enemy you’re starting on the right foot.
  • Chang Pu: While generally seen as inferior to Sally, Chang Pu is still a great healer – and much more readily available. Her Prayer of Renewal can be reduced to a three-turn cooldown – and it heals and gives Immunity to all allies for two turns. This can be paired with a powerful single-target heal and a basic attack that can reduce AP.

Take them out

As you’re facing a strong squad that complements each other, you’re advised to take them down one at a time. We’d recommend at least two Espers who can give knock out blows on a relatively consistent basis.

  • Li Ling: A lot of players get him as their first legendary, and he works very well here – thanks in no small part to being an Orange Esper. He hits Sienna, Tang Juan and Biondina hard. His Tai Chi attack inflicts devastating single-target damage.
  • Sander: Another Orange Esper that attacks one target, but you must build speed around him to maximize his damage. Sandstorm has the potential to stun the enemy and reduce their AP. Meanwhile, corrosion gives them SPD Up and the enemy SPD Down. His basic attack has a strong chance to reduce the target’s AP.

Controllers and Dispellers

Speed and attack buffs are key to your opponent’s strategy here, while they’re strong on de-buffing you. Let’s just accept this and focus on what they have to say about you. Don’t give away your toys, but rather boost your own squad. You can either de-buff them once they’re up or try to slow and stun them before they can act.

  • Biondina: There’s no harm in matching like with like, especially as your opponent is relying on buffing. As well as de-buffing enemies, she also does big damage versus those without any – so if it’s a strategy you’re using, she’ll compliment it in two ways.
  • Chloe: Counter-intuitive, as we’ve just suggested single-target damage – and Chloe goes off in random directions. But the enemy she hits is always the one she targets. All of her attacks either steal or block buffs.

With a level 60 squad of Li Ling (Chloe), Gabrielle, Dhalia, Chang Pu, and Gabrielle (both level 90), we were able to move past Spatial Tower Level 90. Only Dhalia and Gabrielle had exceptional SPD (200+), but it did ensure we could get Immunity up in round one and refresh it in round three with Chang Pu – after which, some danger had passed. While we’d have like more single target damage, Chloe’s ability to steal buffs was a solid trade-off. Li Ling scored the big hits needed Get in touch with Tang Xuan or Sienna as soon as possibleWe now have a full team to take on the rest of their teams.

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