The Award-Winning Shashibo shapeshifting puzzle box is Only $20 Hurry! might earn an affiliate commission when a customer purchases a product or service that has been independently reviewed through a link on our website.

Are you looking for something to stimulate the imagination and mind? The Shashibo SThe hape shifting box is the best option. It’s no mystery, the modern-day take on the Rubix cube is one of SPY’s Favorite toys. It was not only the Best but also made it onto one of our Best Lists. Christmas Gifts2021 and beyond Top Toys for 2021As Christmas approached, the patent was sold out. Amazon offers a great deal for the patent. This puzzle box is almost 30% off

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You have the option to choose from many colors and configurations to please friends. Shashibo Shape Shifting BoxAmazon Prime is having a lightning deal right now

(Hint, hint: if you’re doing your Christmas shopping early, this 3D puzzle toy makes for an amazing stocking stuffer!)

Puzzle box shashibo

SHASHIBO Shape Shifting box

Price: $19.78 (orig. $19.78 (orig.
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About the Shashibo Shape Shifting Box

It may appear like an ordinary box from the outside, but each Shashibo unlocks the mystery to four geometric designs—the exterior design plus three interior designs. Contrary to other puzzle toys, this version connects 36 rare Earth magnetics. One cube can turn into more than 70 shapes. And once it’s in your hands, you won’t want to put it down. Believe us when we say it’s That addictive. TThe shape-shifting boxes were created to improve skill coordination and challenge the senses. They also bring people together for endless entertainment. 

With over Amazon customers leave over 4000 reviewsThis cube can be used to reduce stress and has soothing sounds and colors. If you are feeling more creative, you can purchase additional magnetic cubes. It makes great toys gifts and sensory stimulation puzzle gifts. Andreas Hoenigschmid is the inventor of this magnetic puzzle. It was designed to be accessible to everyone, regardless of age or disability.

If you’re in the midst of organizing your Christmas shopping, here’s an excellent stocking stuffer idea. Whether it’s for a friend who needs a moment of relief or could use a Desk toyAnyone would be delighted to open a Shashibo for boredom at work. This toy is rated 4.6 stars and can be purchased for just 20 dollars. It also comes with tons trippy designs. 

Shape shifting box

SHASHIBO Shape Shifting box

Price: $19.78 (orig. $19.78 (orig.
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