The 14 best desk toys

Research has shown that it is possible for your hands to be busy while you work. Reduce stress and improve cognitive performanceDesk toys can be a great way to entertain employees while not affecting their productivity. There are many options, including drawing boards and magnet sculptures. Your preference will determine which tactile sensations you prefer.

These are the things to remember when shopping for a desk accessory

Many desk toys can be used to reduce anxiety and stress. Some desk toys are meant to encourage creativity and alleviate boredom. There are many ways to reduce anxiety and stress, including desk toys such as stress balls, moldable glue, and fidget spinners. You can use mini-games and sketch boards to break up your routine. But, they can also be used to relieve stress and anxiety. Additionally, some desk toys can add a decorative flair to your workspace — options such as colorful sculptures and sand art are fun choices.

Another consideration is the price. Prices for desk toys can vary depending on their complexity. Puzzles with intricate detailsLong-lasting entertainment can be more expensive than short-term activities.

With these considerations in mind, I’ve rounded up the very best desk toys that are bound to add an element of fun to your workday.

1. Putty to squeeze and mold

This stretchy, colorful, Think puttyIt is great for shaping and squeezing different shapes. It’s made from nontoxic, non-slimy silicone, and the brand promises it won’t dry out. To make the putty even more interesting, the metallic colors change according to the lighting.

Positive outcomes: “i got this to have something simple to play with to help me focus and take my mind off of my anxiety and this has been amazing! it’s super squishy and the colors are incredible.”

Recommended Ages 3+

2. 12-piece magnetic fidgetsphere

This is just one of over 100 combinations. Magnetic fidget sphereThis is a great way to create small structures while you consider your goals. It’s available in eight different colors and even includes a little building guide to get you started. One fan said that the sphere was too small. “Good way to use your hands while thinking or on a call.”

Positive results: “I ordered this on a lark. I’ve always loved playing with magnets and these looked so colorful and cool. I took it out of the box and immediately noticed how beautifully it is made. Smooth edges. Coolness to the touch. Strong magnets. Fun to feel in your hands. Satisfying clicks as you assemble it into whatever shape you desire. So simple, yet so perfect and soothing.”

Recommended Ages 14+

3. A mini golf pen set

If you’re an avid golfer, or even if you’ve never stepped foot on a course, this little golfing desk toyIt’s both fun and practical. The carrying case also contains a set a gel pen that can double as mini golf clubs. It can also be used to tap a ball into the hole. The pens measure approximately 7.75 inches in length and are available in three ink colors: black, blue, or red. You will also receive one mini flagstick and two mini golf balls.

Positive: “I just recently started a new desk job and these pens are a real hit at my office. Everyone thinks they are super cool and I think they are cute and super fun!”

Recommended Ages 13+

4. Relaxing water-powered drawing boards

Relaxation can be achieved by coloring or drawing. The Original Buddha Board. This drawing board uses water to create an image before it dries completely. The board measures 12 inches by 9.5 inches. It’s the perfect size to fit in a corner on your desk.

Positive outcomes: “I work at a college in an environment where I am stressed out a lot, but I also have a lot of stressed out college students in my office! The Buddha Board is incredibly soothing to ‘paint’ on (only requires water’ and helps remind me that tough days will fade away just like my artwork does. Several of my coworkers have this in their office too. And, of course, it’s great when you’re not stressed out too- just fun to play with!”

Recommended Ages: 5+

5. Set of squishy stress balls

Sometimes all you need is to squeeze some. These are just a few of the many colorful possibilities. Stress ManagementThey are ideal for the job. Each ball measures 2.5 inches in width, making them perfect for your desk or hand. When squeezed, they can reveal a secondary color. Plus, they’re durable, BPA-free, and “just the right texture to satisfy my restlessness,”One reviewer agreed.

Positive results: “I have adhd and find it really hard to focus in meetings or really any part of life, but this is so calming, so fun, so engaging, but requires just enough brain power to focus on other things.”

Recommended Ages 3+

6. Magnetic sculptures made of a pen that transforms into a pen

This deconstructed can be used to create an endless number of sculptures and designs. Pen toy. The pen shell is made from magnetic tubes — simply remove the inner ink refill, and the shell can be taken apart to create a masterpiece using the included metal balls. You can also use the pen to stylus your devices. It is available in black or multicolor. You can also store everything in the small case.

Positive outcomes: “Really cool toy to hang on my desk. It’s funny to play with when you’re in a zoom call. Helps keep your hands busy without distracting you too much. It’s got a nice case and stays together well. It’s fun to build stuff.”

Recommended Ages 12+

7. A mini cube rated 19,000+

This publication has received over 19,000 ratings and 4.5 star overall. Desk toy Amazon’s fan favorite. Its small size (1.5″ x 1.5″) makes it perfect for discreet play and taking a break. The cube can be customized with eight linked block options and comes in 11 colors.

Positive results: “I work for a larger company and I am responsible for 12 employees under me. I have at all times at least 4 to 5 stress balls and fidget gadgets at my desk. These help me overcome the anxiety of 12 people asking me questions all day long about state and federal regulations. This cube is by far my favorite and I have not put it down since I got it. Shipping was super fast and the Small Fish company owner personally emails you to make sure you are happy with your product.”

Recommended Ages 3+

8. This mini sandbox that’ll bring the beach to you

This is a great place to get away from the daily grind. Imagine yourself relaxing on the beach with your friends and having fun. miniature sandbox. Complete with all of the accessories needed for a beach day, you’ll have fun raking, stacking shells, and filling your little pail with clean white sand. This desk toy measures just 5 by 5 inches, so there’s sure to be room on your desk for this mini getaway.

Positive outcomes: “I bought this to have something fun and soothing on my desk. I LOVE it! It is just the right size to where it doesn’t take up too much room, but yet big enough to play in the sand.”

Recommendations 3+

9. A mesmerizing spinning gadget under $10

This is amazing! Spinner ballThis optical illusion toy makes it cool and unique. It creates the illusion of a spinning sphere, which appears to be rotating indefinitely. Reviewers describe it as “fun to watch.”It measures 1.5 inches in size. It is claimed that the aluminum ball can spin for several hours at once by some users.

Positive results: “I love this! It’s such a cute addition to my desk. There’s a calming effect with the design, a very quiet soothing noise while it’s spinning and it’s just overall enjoyable to watch. 10/10 will buy again!”

Recommended Ages 3+

10. This highly-rated, shape-shifting box is extremely well-received

This Box that can shape-shift, reminiscent of origami, can transform into over 70 different shapes and designs — and it’s a best-seller on Amazon with over 30,000 five-star reviews. It comes with 36 magnets, which allow it to be easily shaped into different shapes. They will also stay that way until you mold it into a new shape. When formed into a box, it measures approximately 3 by 3 inches, so there’s space in any desk drawer for this fun toy. You can choose from 19 different colors and styles.

Positive: “Love this thing! I bought one for a gift and then a week later bought one for myself to keep at my work desk to fidget with during zoom calls.”

Recommended Ages 8+

11. A buildable tree that doesn’t need watering

This is the beloved toysmaker Lego Bonsai Tree kitThis kit includes everything you need to build a model that you can display at work. It comes with 878 pieces. It also includes green leaves and pink flowering cherries blossoms. The pink details on branches of flowering plants look like mini frogs. This adds a fun touch to any office.

Positive results: “I haven’t done a lego set in years But I saw this and had to get it. Best couple hours I could ask for putting this set together. I like to keep it on my desk since I know I would end up failing a real bonsai, or any plant if I’m being honest.”

Recommended Ages 18+

12. A fun desktop bowling game

This wooden, fun idea works great! bowling gameIt can keep you busy at work, even after the day is over. It comes with 10 mini pins and a wooden launch ramp to launch wooden balls. It measures 11.81 inches long and has a guard at the back to stop pins and balls flying around.

Positive results: “I bought this for a friend and accidentally sent it to my address. I opened it and put it on my desk at work and everyone loves to play with it. I had to send another to my friend. TOO FUN NOT TO BUY!!”

Recommended Ages 4+

13. A stylish stainless steel fidget spinner

This fidget spinnerThis desk toy has been praised by over 2,000 Amazon customers. It is great for making phone calls or making decisions. The durable stainless-steel toy measures 2.48 inches long. You can also use the grips to hold it as you spin. This fidget spinner is sure to become your favorite. It has multiple play options and a quiet, smooth design.

Positive outcomes: “I have tried many fidget spinners and this one is the best by far. It is sleek for pocket carrying. It is quiet so I do not irritate the people around me. Doesn’t really come across as a child’s toy, so if you are looking for a fidget spinner perfect for adults, this is the one. The multiple ways to spin is so satisfying.”

Recommended Ages 10+

14. A set of moldable rainbow balls

These textured, moldable accessories for desks will add color and fun to any space. Interconnected balls. Rotating and twisting the 1.25-inch rainbow-hued, beechwood balls can create different designs. They can be removed and rearranged in any way you like.

Positive results: “All In all, I love this Art Ball. It is a great addition to my desk scape and is quiet and entertaining to play with in meetings or long conference calls. […] The balls are made of wood and the pieces connecting the balls are very strong and hold up well. All in all, if you like desk toys or just need something to keep your hands busy in a long meeting this is great.”

Recommendations 3+

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