Star Wars Rebels Actor Teases “Probable” Live-Action Crossover

Star Wars RebelsStar Trek: The Next Generation star Jim Cummings teased that he could play the Hondo Ahnaka part in a future TV or live-action movie.

Cummings was asked if Hondo would be back in season 2. Star Wars: The Bad Batch DragonCon panels, either during a live-action project (or during a panel appearance). “Probably, yes and yes,”He replied. “But they haven’t talked to me about it. I don’t know why, I mean… yeah. I’m there. I ain’t goin’ nowhere.” Cummings first played Hondo in Star Wars: The Clone Wars He then returned to a recurring role in Star Wars: Rebels. He also acted as the voice of the space pirates in the Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures Cartoon, the Star Wars: Forces of Destiny Web Series The Pirate’s price audiobook.

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Cummings’ optimism over the possibility that Hondo will appear in future live-action Star Wars It is simple to comprehend the production. There are many characters throughout the book. The Clone Wars Rebels Starved since then in movies and TV shows, often portrayed by original voice actors. Katee Sackhoff is the most well-known example. She spoke out against Bo-Katan Kraze The Clone Wars Rebels Before reprising the role on live action Disney+ series, The Mandalorian. Sackhoff is expected at the event. The MandalorianThe actor is not yet certain if Bo-Katan will appear in the third season of’s next series. AhsokaAlso,

Lucasfilm Continues to Recast Star Wars Rebels Roles

Sackhoff isn’t the only voice actor capable of making animated characters live-action. Rosario Dawson replaced Ashley Eckstein as Ahsoka Tano actor when the former Jedi in training appeared in The Mandalorian. Eckstein stated that she doesn’t have any doubts about sharing the role of Dawson. She also stated that she was delighted to be asked back to play Ahsoka in the animated series. Tales of the Jedi. “It’s something I always approach with so much gratitude,”She said. “I don’t look at what I’m not doing, I look at what I have been able to do.

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Eckstein isn’t the only one. Star Wars Rebels Veteran to be recast. Natasha Liu Bordizzo, who will succeed Tiya Sicar as Sabine Wren, will be taking over. AhsokaDespite not knowing the name of the show or who she was playing, she successfully auditioned for the role. “I just knew it was a very elusive Jon Favreau-related project… I had a scene from Top Gun to audition with, and I played this male pilot,” Bordizzo recalled.

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Star Wars Rebels Actor Teases “Probable” Live-Action Crossover

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