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Ryan Kaji was born to Shion Kaji (Japan immigrant) and Loann Kaji (Japan refugee). Kaji’s father, Shion, is originally from Japan and his mother, Loann, is a refugee from Vietnam. They met at Texas Tech University. Kaji is the father of twin sisters Emma, and Kate. They also take part in his YouTube videos. When he was only three and a half years old, Kaji noticed kids appearing on other toy review channels and asked his mother why he wasn’t featured on videos as well. Kaji began making YouTube videos in March 2015. His mother quit her job as a teacher to let him focus fully on the channel.

Formerly known by the name “Ryan’s Toys Review,” the children’s YouTube channel is now known as “Ryan’s World”It is targeted at children between 2 and 6 years old. Each day, a new video comes out. Kaji reviews and unboxes a gadget. The video content has evolved to include education and experiments. The channel has over 32 million subscribers and is one of the 10 most popular YouTube channels. It has received more than 51,000,000 views for its videos. In 2018 and 2019, Forbes named Kaji’s channel the highest-earning YouTube channel, making $22 million from his videos and $26 million from his product lines.

From 2017 onwards, Ryan’s World expanded its collaborations and portfolio with many deals and sponsorships. Kaji’s parents struck a deal with PocketWatch, a children’s media company, to handle the marketing and merchandise for the YouTube channel. Ryan Toys Review has released an app called “The App”2018 “Tag with Ryan,”Children are the target audience. Kaji also announced the launch of a line under the brand in collaboration with PocketWatch, Bonkers Toys and Bonkers Toys last year. Next year, they will release a 20-episode TV series titled “Ryan’s Mystery Playdate.”Outright Games has released a videogame titled “The Game” for all four major gaming platforms in November 2019. “The Game.” “Race with Ryan,”Kaji and characters from his brands. In November 2020, a hybrid live-action/animated series will be released. “Super Spy Ryan”Amazon Kids was the first one to release it. The official Roblox game was released the following month. Outright Games released a second Ryan’s World licensed video game in March 2022. The adventure-adventure title was called “Ryan’s Rescue Squad”Released on seven gaming platform

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