Roblox, Lego Worlds Block Fortress Block Fortress, Block Fortress, and many other Minecraft games are some of the best.

Minecraft is still a very popular video game with over 238,000,000 copies sold, and more than 140 million monthly active users as of 2021. Markus Persson developed the sandbox videogame. The game was released in 2009 after many iterations. Mojang Studios finally released the game in 2011. Microsoft Studios currently manages Minecraft. It can be accessed from a variety platforms, including PCs and consoles as well as mobile devices. 

Considering the immense popularity, it isn’t surprising to see that there are a number of games out there inspired by the blocky three-dimensional environment explorer. These are the top Minecraft games you should try if you’re a Minecraft enthusiast looking for a new outlet.

Check out these top Minecraft games

  • Eco
  • Roblox
  • Trove
  • Colony Survival
  • Block Fortress
  • Lego Worlds
  • Terasology
  • CubeWorld
  • Eco

    Eco was originally a Kickstarter campaign. Strange Loop Games launched Eco in 2018. It was originally designed as an educational tool, but was later made available to middle school students. Eco is an open-world survival game similar to Rust or Minecraft. Players must work together to build a civilisation in a virtual world before they are subject to a meteor impact. Players must make the most of the resources available to destroy the Asteroid, and save the world that you have created. It is important to balance the use of resources in a legal fashion so that the development and destruction civilisations do not cause harm or devastation to the environment.

    Eco is currently in early access. It can be purchased on Steam for Rs 699 

    Download: Steam


    Roblox is more like a sandbox than a game. Users can create and play online games with Roblox. Roblox offers a wide range of games, including single-player platformers as well as first-person shooters. Simulators let users role-play various scenarios. It also has a store where users can upload their games. This is the best thing about this platform. The platform claims to have published over 20 million games. This is the idea behind this store. It is all about the social aspects of building and dismantling. friends. The platform allows you buy and sell virtual products using real currency. Premium members may be eligible for a recurring bonus.

    Roblox is totally free and available for PC, Xbox, as well as mobile. 

    Download: iOS | Android | Xbox | Microsoft Store


    trove best games like minecraft

    Trove is very similar to the block-based Minecraft worlds. It is an MMO that allows for massive multiplayer online action, but it also has the potential to be an RPG. Players must work together to progress their characters and complete various tasks. There are three crafting specialties that you can choose from. There are many classes to choose. The right combination of abilities will determine the strengths and quirks as well as the weaknesses. This allows for different play styles. Expect to face enemies in mines or caverns, collect loot, and take on high-ranking bosses. These are all essential aspects of most RPG titles.

    Steam makes Trove available for free. It is also available to download on a variety more platforms such as Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch.

    Download: Steam | Xbox | PlayStation | Switch

    Colony Survival

    colony survival

    Colony Survival is an online tower defense strategy video game that can be played first-person. It is very similar to Minecraft. The game was created in 2017 by brothers Bas Boltjes, and Luke Boltjes. It’s a tower defense first-person strategy game that allows players to build their own colonies, defend them, and fight monsters every evening. Colonists are needed to fulfill different roles. These include farmers, miners, guards, and farmers. Multiplayer allows you to work with other players. FriendsYou can build and defend colonies. However, trading and fighting between players is not allowed.

    Colony Survival is available on Steam as an Early Access Game for Rs 529

    Download: Steam

    Block Fortress

    block fortress

    Block Fortress is another tower defense video game with FPS. This Minecraft clone allows you to build your stronghold however you want. Then you must defend it against the relentless Goblocks. Your time will be spent building your base, including walls and weapons. It all depends upon how much resources you have and what your imagination can do. A huge crafting system allows you to customize your blocks, weapons and equipment. There are more than 30 kinds of building blocks to help you build walls. You also have 16 types of advanced turrets. You can choose between two modes of play: a free build sandbox or a more difficult survival mode with six types terrain to conquer. 

    Block Fortress can be purchased for Rs 170 on Android or iOS.

    Download: iOS | Android

    Lego Worlds

    lego worlds

    Lego Worlds is a Lego-themed sandbox where players can create a 3D-generated environment. You can create and destroy large Lego worlds with its extensive crafting tools. The game features a campaign mode, collectibles, as well as appearances, outfit options, landscaping tools, and vehicles. Developed by Traveller’s Tales and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, the game is available on Steam, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. The Lego editor mode of the game allows you explore and adventure in a variety random worlds. These worlds can also be accessed via a spaceship that can be moved around at will. The goal is to find hidden chests and quests that will lead you to golden bricks.

    Download: Steam | Microsoft Store | Xbox | PlayStation | Nintendo Switch



    Terasology is openly inspired by Minecraft. It shares a similar aesthetic. Terasology can be incorporated into the community’s development and expansion. Other than the destruction and building aspects of Minecraft, the game also has unique features like the ability to create armies and use different weapons to defend the work, as well as the ability to use torchlights to illuminate dark spaces. The game maintains Minecraft’s block-based style and at the same time adds new and original elements to enhance the overall experience. 

    Download: Terasology

    Cube World

    cube world

    Cube World, an action-RPG focusing on exploration, is the last. Cube World, a procedurally generated fantasy realm, is entirely made of cubes. The game features overworld castles, dungeons and caverns as well as biomes such as deserts, grasslands and snowlands. Use items such as boats or hang gliders to travel faster. In the game, you can create your character. Players will need to choose race and sex and then customize the character’s appearance. There are four classes: warrior, rogue, and ranger. Each class has their own unique armour, weapons, abilities and armor. The open-world allows players to fight monsters and other creatures, as well tame them, create food, potions, weapons, and cosmetic items.

    Download: Steam

    These are our top Minecraft-inspired games you should check out. You can also check our list for the best online battle Royale game and the best PC racing game in 2022.

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    Roblox, Lego Worlds Block Fortress Block Fortress, Block Fortress, and many other Minecraft games are some of the best.

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