Review of Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga

“A Surprise, Yes, But a Welcome One”

This is what many games are trying to do right now. “realistic,” “gritty,”Stressful and just plain stressful. These are not the words that I associate with stress. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga with. Not even close. I was not even close. 

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This game does many things very well. The most appealing aspect of the game was its visuals. The graphics were both unique and impressive. As I played the game, I imagined myself as a young boy with large eyes. Lego Star Wars set. Now, I’m reenacting the movie storylines using my minifigs. It felt like that. It felt good.

The obvious Lego elements that make up the world are not what makes it great. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga looks amazing. Every single iconic location from the film franchise is beautifully rendered. It’s far more than I could have expected for a game like this. 

These stories are far more than over. They may even be called “reality” “outdated.”These stories are refreshingly reimagined by Lego’s unique humor throughout the entire collection. I found myself laughing more times than I could believe. I wasn’t prepared for the sheer joy I would have watching all these Lego setpieces explode into their tiny brick parts.  

After a heated fight, I witnessed the Trade Federation Battleship explode. I was stunned. I was stunned. The spectacle is incredible and rivals AAA games.  

My only issue with Lego Star WarsThe Skywalker Saga was how the story was told. They are too brief. I can understand TT Games’ desire for older players (and Star Wars nerds), as well as children with shorter attention spans. This is a minor point and not indicative of the game’s overall quality.  

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The ocean is as vast and deep as the sea, but the puddles remain as shallow.

Watch Dogs Legion attempted to be different in the early days by allowing anyone to play, without asking questions. It was a novel idea that may or not have worked in Ubisoft’s hacking game. However, Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga’s version has a stronger version. There are many unlockable characters in this game, each with a unique skill that makes them feel unique. It’s amazing how you can do all of this without making the game feel boring.  

TT Games did enough work to ensure that each character, no matter if they were a Jedi or Bounty Hunter, had their own skill set. I was often a Jedi because I know how to distinguish Anakin Skywalker’s playstyle and that of Master Yoda and Mace Windu. 

The gameplay is overall stronger than I expected. One of the best examples is the boss fights. It was easy to make players push through everything. You can’t do that with Lego Star WarsThe Skywalker Saga. Strategy was key. You’ll often be accompanied by an AI-controlled companion to help you get through a difficult fight. Their job is to open doors, solve problems and kill enemies. The problem? Their AI is basically brain-dead. 

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This was enough for me to take a break from all of the lightsaber fights (which is amazing for an awesome Lego video) and kept things interesting. It would have been boring if I just used lightsabers against someone, or shot them in the face.   

Let’s talk about puzzles to wrap things up. Uncharted gave my PTSD so I don’t like puzzles in games. I’m getting old. “git gud”I am terrible at solving these puzzles, and don’t have enough time to think through them. The Lego Star WarsThe Skywalker Saga puzzles are a great mix of fun and challenge. This is what stood out for me again.  

The only problem is its repetitive nature. Even more so if you have seen all nine films. This is a minor flaw in a brilliant design that TT Games cannot do more.  

Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga Review

(Photo courtesy TT Games).

See the Power

This one was a lot of technical research for TT Games. The game runs at 30 FPS on the base PS4 at native 1080p resolution. Sometimes, the frame rate drops when things get too heavy. Sometimes the resolution was a bit too low in some cases (maybe below 720p in certain situations), but overall it’s a smooth and crisp game. 

Although I could have expected more, I may have underestimated the demands of the game’s engine on my hardware. Even on a mechanical HDD the loading times were quick. Sometimes I thought the game loaded faster than an SSD at times, but I don’t know.

Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga Review

(Photo courtesy TT Games).

Final Verdict 

Lego Star WarsSkywalker Saga saves the day when many games are trying too hard to be stressful. While it may not be a new concept, it does give a great twist on an existing IP.

SCORE: 9/10 

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Review of Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga

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