Reported LEGO Price Rise Set List via Barnes & Noble

LEGO announced an August price hike for sets. Now, Barnes & Noble offers a glimpse of what we can expect to see at the new prices at retailers. Yesterday, the big news came out on B&N as they updated their site of over 60+ sets that have already gotten the price bump and it doesn’t look good as some sets will be getting an increase of up to 25%.

The official prices at LEGO Shop are final prices. Prices at other retailers reflect their prices. Now that you know what to expect at other retailers, I recommend that your take advantage of the upcoming Double VIP PointsEvent from July 12-13 Amazon Prime DayAugust will be a difficult time for anyone looking to make the most out of their money. This also doesn’t look like it’s the final list if we’re comparing it to the list that StoneWarsIt was released a while back and will continue to be available in additional sets as the price goes up.

Botanical Collection







Harry Potter



Jurassic World



Speed Champions

Star Wars

Super Mario


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Reported LEGO Price Rise Set List via Barnes & Noble

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