Over 16 million YouTube subscribers, over 10 million TikTok followers, and the publication of the top-viewed YouTube short video in the world recently topped the charts. July 2022Dan Rhodes Joins the Largest Independent Kids and Family Content Studio In An Experiment to Transform His Magical Love into a Global Franchise

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Pocket.watchThe top kids and family studio in the world, Generation Alpha, has signed a teenage magician. Dan Rhodesto its digital-first talent pool of family and kids. The partnership will allow YouTube to become a global YouTube (DanRhodesMagicTV) and TikTok (@danrhodesYou can take your (star) to the next level by promoting original programming, content development and franchise opportunities. This is pocket.watch’s first major creator whose audience was built on YouTube Shorts or TikTok.

In July 2022, Dan RhodesPublised the Most viewed YouTube ShortsIt has now been viewed over 320,000,000 times around the globe. Dan is truly a multi-platform superstar, with 27 million YouTube subscribers and 10.4 million TikTok subscribers, respectively. He was the fastest YouTube creator ever to reach 10,000,000 subscribers. His book “The Magic”Available in the United KingdomIn August 2022It will be available in The United StatesOn November 22, 2022Preorder available currently This momentum will be followed by an expanded expansion for his brand under pocket.

He is a self-taught magician, unlike his predecessors Dan RhodesHe is well-known for sharing the secrets of his favorite tricks to inspire young children to practice magic. With more than twice the Instagram followers (@danrhodesmagic) followers than magic icon David Copperfield, Rhodes has Asperger’s syndrome but has used the condition to channel his creativity and focus on showcasing his personal passion for the craft that attracts today’s digital audiences.

“Dan is one of the most exciting magicians in the world who has globally captured the hearts of young audiences through his approach to teaching while entertaining,” Kerry TuckerPocket.watch. “We are so excited to welcome Dan to the pocket.watch family and expand his reach to new platforms and new audiences.”

The star from Oldham, EnglandHe sawed, and rose to fame. “Britain’s Got Talent”Judge Amanda HoldenDuring a 2019 appearance on the show he was cut in half. He actually learned magic by watching YouTube videos.

“I’ve been practicing magic since I was six years old and I’m ready to launch my dreams into something even bigger with pocket.watch,” Dan Rhodes. “The new opportunities I will have by joining pocket.watch are beyond anything I could do on my own and I’m really looking forward to what we can do together.”

“We are so happy to see Dan’s success on YouTube, from the early days with long-form videos right through to becoming one of the fastest growing channels since uploading Shorts 18 months ago,” Andrea DonovanYouTube, Development Partner Manager. His remarkable rise to 16.7 million subscribers is proof of magic’s global appeal and popularity. Dan’s personality, formats, and entertainment continue to amaze and amass viewers.

Pocket.watch announced recently the expansion of its creator list with 13 new Creators. Led by Chase LandauSVP Creator Management, Pocket.watch has been focusing on bringing new creators to the site from diverse perspectives. Pocket.watch continues creating unprecedented value for its family creator community as well as for its global distribution partners. Its strategy builds on its existing content. Pocket.watch has over 70,000 videos. This adds up to more than 22,000 hours of content.

To keep up-to date on all things Dan RhodesFollow the steps below DanRhodesMagicTVYouTube @danrhodesTikTok and @danrhodesmagicFollow us on Instagram. Visit this site to learn more about the pocket.watch creators and franchises as well its premium content. pocket.watch.

About pocket.watch

Pocket.watch is the top studio that creates family entertainment franchises and has the most well-known digital creators. Pocket.watch uses the power of YouTube audiences to expand their reach across all types and platforms. The company gives kids more of what they love by creating original video and audio content and mobile games. It also produces live events and robust consumer product lines, including toys and toothbrushes. Key pocket.watch franchises include Ryan’s World, Love, Diana, Onyx Monster Mysteries and Toys and Colors: Kaleidoscope City.

The company’s content library, consisting of tens of thousands of kids and family videos, is distributed globally on over 40 platforms, generating hundreds of millions of hours of viewership every month. The content library comprises many seasons of the company’s breakthrough MishMash™ format alongside pocket.watch originals including the Emmy-nominated Ryan’s Mystery Playdate and the animated series Onyx Monster Mysteries and Love, Diana Adventures.

Pocket.watch’s gaming division, p.w Games, boasts multiple mobile game successes including Love, Diana Fashion Fabulous and Tag with Ryan, which together boast over 40 million downloads.

The company generates massive value for advertisers and digital creators through their in-house creative and media agency, clock.work, which creates best in class media and branded entertainment campaigns with the world’s largest advertisers, marrying the massive reach of the pocket.watch network audience with custom integrations and scaled media programs across YouTube, YouTube Kids, mobile gaming, OTT channels and the metaverse.

In 2017, the company was established. Chris M. Williams (CEO), the company’s headquarters and filming studios are located in Culver City, Calif.The executive team includes studio veterans as well as visionaries from a variety of digital and traditional entertainment backgrounds. Xavier Kochhar, Albie Hecht, Jon Moonves, Kerry Tucker.

For more information on pocket.watch, please visit pocket.watch.

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