Pet owners love this puzzle. ‘Best Money I’ve Ever Spent’ – SheKnows

Dogs can become very bored and get into trouble when they are bored. Sometimes bones and plushies alone are not enough to keep dogs engaged. Pet parents who have tried Outward Hound’s Nina Ottosson puzzle toys say that it works well.
Their dogs are more engaged and determined than ever to find new toys. AllYou’ll find snacks everywhere.

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Outward Hound’s interactive puzzle toys require your dog to push knobs to unlock doors that hold kibbles or treats. It’s the “Level 2”Version of the Outward Hound puzzle-toy
You will be given a set of pegs which your dog will knock over in order to get the treats.

Original price of the Level 2 Outward Hound puzzle toy was $25. It’s currently on sale for $20. And with over 71,000 five-star reviews, pet parents say this is one of the best toys they’ve ever spent their money on.

Nina Ottosson Interactive Puzzle Toy, originally $24.99

“This was his first interactive toy so I wasn’t sure how he’d respond,”One reviewer gave five out of five stars. “Oh my gosh! He gets better at it every time he plays and I don’t have to put treats. He’ll even go for his ole dry food! … It also relieves his boredom and he’s so cute when he asks me to get his toy down for him! I very highly recommend this toy and this company. Your dog will thank you and you’ll be so impressed with your dog who’ll become a little Einstein!”

Even if your dog isn’t a power chewer, it’s still recommended that you keep an eye on your pup while he plays with these puzzle toys. Some parts can be knocked or chewed off, and some dogs may try to find more treats inside even where there aren’t any.

But if you’re looking to keep your dog busy and boredom-free, this puzzle toy is absolutely going to do just that.

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Source: Pet owners love this puzzle. ‘Best Money I’ve Ever Spent’ – SheKnows

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