Over 2,700 Minecraft Players are creating a 1:1 recreation of New York City


Minecraft has seen a boom in creativity, collaboration, and freedom. With blocks that are meticulously built to create grand designs, the game is Lego-like.

These builds include Lord of the Rings-style Minecraft Middle-earth and a recreation of Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City. There’s a version of Game of Thrones’ King’s Landing; a blocky version of Teyvat from Genshin Impact; and a recreation of the ancient city of Babylon. However, the modern world is home to a community of hundreds of Minecraft players who are trying to recreate New York City.

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As reported by The New York TimesA project called ‘Build the Earth’There are approximately 2,731 members that are keen to recreate New York City. The group has committed to building a 1:1 replica. Each in-game brick represents one cubic metre in the real world. The Minecraft New York City project has been in development for more than two years.

It is no surprise that The Big Apple has a lot more data than many other cities. Minefact, a 21-year old programmer, is the leader of the building team. Minefact is based out of Frankfurt and creates Minecraft building plans based on Google Maps. However, the American city was much easier than his hometown. “The quality was so much better than in Frankfurt because the open-street map data is so good in New York City,”He told the NYT.

The 9/11 memorial was the project’s first phase. The site’s clean lines and geometry made it easy to use Minecraft blocks to rebuild the memorial. After overcoming initial difficulties due to map projections distorting actual-world locations, team members picked up speed and are now in a routine. “We circle around different districts. We work one week in Chinatown, then one week in Tribeca, one week on Bowery and then come back to Chinatown”Minefact. “We always work on multiple districts at the same time to keep things interesting”.

Minefact hasn’t even ever visited the real-life NYC, but he, like many of the builders, hopes to one day visit, perhaps before the project is complete, which could still take many years. The entire city contains around one million buildings, according to The New York Times, so that’s still a lot of blocks to go.

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Over 2,700 Minecraft Players are creating a 1:1 recreation of New York City

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