Only the Original Star Wars Trilogy is available in the MCU


What is the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Star Wars count? And how big? Here are some examples to help viewers get a sense of the scale.

Star Wars is one among the most popular film franchises. Its impact on pop culture has been enormous. The impact of science fiction, fantasy, and culture over the past 44 years has been tremendous. Marvel Cinematic Universe has been as popular as Star Wars. It’s no surprise that it draws inspiration from Star Wars movies.

From Yellowjacket’s lasers using the same sound effect as the AT-ATs to nearly every MCU Phase Two film including a character’s arm being cut off, the influence of Star Wars is evident. Star Wars has been mentioned multiple times. For instance, Steve Rogers has the film on his catch-up list in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and “Nick Fury” in Spider-Man: Far From Home (who is even played by Star Wars alumnus, Samuel L. Jackson) tells Peter Parker not to confuse a Shakespeare quote with Star Wars.

However, probably the most curious Star Wars reference in the MCU occurs in Captain America: Civil War. Spider-Man plans to defeat Ant-Man in the battle sequence at an Airport by tying his legs using a web. The character quotes “that really old movie, Empire Strikes Back”His inspiration. It’s a funny moment that highlights Spider-Man’s age difference with the other Avengers. However, the words are a little odd.

Empire Strikes Back is an old film that still has a significant Star Wars presence. pop Culture today. Captain America: Civil War was released in 2016. Seven films were made in the series.Plus a few animated series. Because of this, it’s weird that Spider-Man treats the film as if it were a niche topic. It seems that Star Wars is a well-known topic even at the age 15

However, there may be an even deeper explanation. There is no Star Wars reference in MCU. It appears that it does not refer to the prequel or sequel trilogies. All Star Wars references are rooted within the original trilogy.This means they are not real.

While this could just be a coincidence, as the original trilogy is generally considered the most iconic set of films, the fact that there hasn’t been even one allusion to the franchise’s more recent outings comes across as a deliberate move on the part of the writers. If this is the case, then the original Star Wars trilogy might be the only one that exists in the MCU. This could mean that the franchise did not have the same resurgence in popularity that it did in the real world.

That’s not to say that Star Wars isn’t culturally relevant in the MCU. On the contrary, many of the references, such as Ned’s Lego Death Star in Spider-Man: Homecoming, imply that the MCU certainly has a devoted Star Wars fanbase. Its presence is however contextualized in pop culture might be very different, as George Lucas’s prequel trilogy did, for better or for worse, revitalize the franchise, as did Disney’s sequel trilogy. This could, at the very least, explain why Spider-Man spoke of Empire Strikes Back as if there was a chance someone might not be familiar with the franchise.

Of course, the line could have been little more than a reminder of how young Peter was. After all, he also referred to the film Aliens in the same fashion only a few films later. But even with that in mind, it is a bizarre choice to reference a film from a franchise as relevant as Star Wars as if it was obscure. As such, the MCU being a world without modern Star Wars movies could be a plausible theory.

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Only the Original Star Wars Trilogy is available in the MCU

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