Michael Kopsa, Stargate, X-Files Actor, has Died

Michael Kospa, well-known for his appearances in shows such as Stargate, The X-Files or Fringe, has died.

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Michael Kopsa–a regular television presence in series like Stargate, Fringe, The X-Files for decades–has died. DeadlineAccording to reports, Kopsa died Sunday from complications due to a brain tumor. He was 66 years old.

News of the actor’s passing first came from his ex-wife Lucia Frangione on Twitter,Who posted? “The great Michael Kopsa, my dear friend and the father of my child, Nora, passed away Oct 23 2022 of a brain tumour. He was an incredible stage and screen actor, voice actor, carpenter, musician and painter. Most importantly, he was a loving and richly present father.”

One of the most touching tributes that Michael Kopsa has received online is from Legion actor Mackenzie Gray. The actor revealed that the late Kopsa’s friends would often refer to him simply as “Kopsa,”It was also revealed that the two were high school friends. You can see Gray’s entire tribute below.

Gray mentions that Michael Kopsa was sometimes a member of THE REKKERZ’s rock band on stage with Gray. “to play harmonica and he always knocked it out of the park.”Gray also calls his friend who is deceased “an extraordinary man, with chiselled good looks, piercing blue eyes, a voice like Richard Burton’s and an incredible gentleness underneath a passionate Hellenistic passion.”

Michael Kopsa began his screen career in animation. He remained a prolific actor of voices for a large portion of his career. He was first credited in the English-dubbed version, in 1979. Mobile Suit GundamChar Aznable is the hero. Later, he would lend a voice and voice to other dubbed animation programs like Galaxy AngelAnd Project ARMS.

Some of Michael Kopsa’s more prominent voice roles included as Takeshi Ooi, Vice President of VT Enterprises, in Death Note; Dr. Hank McCoy (aka The Beast in X-MenEvolution; and the Samurai Vex Ninjago. His last animated series was The Biblical Show. Superbook.

Captain Windmark is Michael Kospa Fringe

While Michael Kopsa made a mark on larger projects, he left the greatest impression on science fiction enthusiasts. Fringe. Kopsa landed the recurring role of the disturbing Captain Windmark, the chief antagonist of the show’s final two seasons. Windmark is one of the Observers. These are lab-grown, emotionless humans from the future who want the past to be colonized.

It was neither. FringeScience Fiction Live, the only live-action science fiction series in which Michael Kopsa briefly found audiences, was the Science Fiction Live. He was seen many times. Stargate SG-IAs General Kerrigan in Season 4 X-FilesEpisode “El Mundo Gira.”He was a regular presence on the anthology series. The Outer Limits, and Stephen KingSeries adaptation The Dead Zone.

Among the long list of Michael Kopsa’s roles are appearances in TV series like Dark Angel, Sliders, Dead Like Me, iZombie, Van Helsing, Highlander, The Magicians, The Man in High Castle. He was also part in films such as 3000 Miles to Graceland, Watchmen, Stealing Sinatra, and 2005’s Fantastic Four.

Michael Kopsa, Stargate, X-Files Actor, has Died

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