Magic Mixies review – The top toy for Christmas 2021. The feedback is wonderful

For children, the idea of creating their own furry friend can be a wonderful dream.

The new Magic Mixies range from Moose Toys Magic Mixies will be a huge hit. It includes spell books and cauldrons as well as potions and spell books.

Magic Mixies is the first toys that allow children to summon a magical potion and cast a spell to reveal their magical best friend. This will be a Christmas 2021 favourite.

Amazon is one of many retailers that stocks these exciting toys.

Very, Smyths toys. This one is very popular and you will be able to grab it before Father Christmas.

The Magic Mixies Cauldron contains all the magic ingredients, including Glitter Star and Crystal Gem, Magic Feather and Magic Feather. Each step brings the friendly creature alive.

The wand allows children to control their magical powers. The children can then use the wand to perform each step, and marvel at the way the cauldron responds with enchanting sounds, lights and more.

We put our Reviews Club minireviewer to the testing.

Demi, a mini-reviewer at The Reviews Club, has all her potion ingredients ready

Demi, 7 years old from Warrington, tried out our Magic Mixie sample provided by the lovely Moose Toys Team – and her reaction was priceless.

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After the potion is mixed, children can start to enjoy it. popEnter the name, description, and date of the creature that they want to create magic. A magical mist appears from the cauldron and… ta da! The Magic Mixie is revealed

Demi enjoyed the whole process with her parents. It was a great experience that allowed them to spend quality time together as well as making the toy.

Magic Mixies can respond to touch, and the wand can produce over 50 sounds and responses. Magic Mixies’ energy levels will increase if they are loved and nurtured well. Magic Mixies love to work with children magicians and may grant wishes when their gem lights up.

Demi was amazed by her toy. Her parents explained to us that she was the one who created the fun and could complete it without any assistance.

This is something we all know. KidsThey can be independent at this stage, which is a great opportunity for them to learn and explore new ways to have fun in a tech-savvy world.

There are two types Mixies that magically show up in pink or bleu.

And what’s more – the magic never ends! Once the Magic Mixie has been revealed it can be returned to Cauldron for a second magical reveal. You can also purchase the Magic Mist & Spells Refill Pack.

Magic Mixies are suitable for ages 5+ with an RRP of £69.99. Refill packs are £9.99. Pre-sale available starting September and on sale at Amazon and Smyths Argos starting October

Demi’s verdict

In the video, she speaks to Liam like she was her father. “If I could rate this toy daddy it would be a 10/10″We are so happy because of that!

Demi sat down and enjoyed her Magic Mixie for a while, and even afterward, she had a wonderful time with the toy she made herself.

Demi recommends this product because we know that girls love to have lots of bits and bobs to organize and play with (especially if they are brightly colored and purple). kidsThis year.

“It’s soooooo cool”Demi so adorablely shouts this when it starts bubbling!

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Source: Magic Mixies review – The top toy for Christmas 2021. The feedback is wonderful

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