Lightyear’s ending – Zurg twist links back at Toy Story gag

LightyearIt is possible that the wider community is not in any significant way connected to it. Toy Story universe, but its Zurg twist is a link back to one series’ best gags.

The idea behind the spinoff movie is that Andy would view it. It’s the movie that got him obsessed about Buzz. Our Buzz. It was the movie that inspired all the toys we love and are familiar with. Toy Story.

Disney+ now offers Lightyear. You can also grab the many Toy StoryReferences, including the big finale act reveal.

Major SpoilersWe are on track as we dive into LightyearThe movie’s ending is here, so stop watching if you haven’t yet.

Lightyear ending explained

Buzz’s many attempts to find a viable hyperspeed stone (after he broke it) have led to the unintended consequence that he can time travel into the future, four at a time.

He has already missed the lives of his fellow travelers and the memories they shared, but he is determined that he will pass another test. He is successful but is still transported 22 years in the future. He returns to a planet that is very different from the one where he left it, but Zurg and his army robots have taken over.

Buzz, Mo, Darby and Izzy attempt to reach Zurg’s ship in orbit to destroy and kill all the robotics. They fail but Zurg is keen to see Buzz and transports the trio to his ship.

Instead of Zurg being a bot, it’s actually someone wearing a robotic suit. It looks more like an older Buzz. Buzz’s first thought when Zurg reveals his identity is understandable. “Dad?”

Toy StoryIt will be instantly recognized by fans as a nod. Toy Story 2‘s best gags – and one of the best jokes in the series, to be honest – which poked fun at Star WarsZurg told Utility Belt Buzz that he was his dad.

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Disney+: Lightyear

Rex’Zurg is sent plummeting down the lift shaft by his tail, causing severe Utility Belt Buzz. He’s not dead, and we later saw the alternate Buzz with Zurg enjoying some good old father-son bonding over a game.

However, LightyearThe movie isn’t going to explain why Buzz the toy believes he’s his father. The movie reveals that the older Buzz in Zurg’s robot suit is actually an older Buzz.

He’s a Buzz who unwittingly traveled into the future to fix hyperspeed crystals. He was criticized by Commander Burnside for his actions.

Angus MacLane, the director, and his co-writer, revealed that they had tried to have Zurg become Buzz’s father after the movie was released in cinemas. However, it didn’t work out as audiences were waiting for it.

“What we were really going for was the idea that Buzz’s greatest enemy is himself, literally and figuratively, and that it’s his passion to go back in time and correct the mistake that’s actually more self-destructive and world-destructive because it is his hubris,”He made the observation.

Buzz made a decision to travel far ahead of his original mistake and was able to use hyperspeed to travel backwards.

Buzz returned from his final hyperspeed tests and he began to travel backwards in time over many decades. However, he was unable to get back as far as a week.

This Buzz took control over the planet with his robots, as Zurg, and returned to his test in an entirely new timeline. Instead of being reprimanded for his actions, Buzz teamed with Izzy to save the day.

Older Buzz wants to see the younger Buzz team up with Izzy and travel back in history with the new Hyperspeed Crystal. Our Buzz has grown with Izzy, but he doesn’t want to alter the timeline like older Buzz.

Buzz finally defeats the older Buzz after a lengthy battle. He then decides to destroy his hyperspeed Crystal and apparently blasts up the old Buzz into space. Buzz is now unable, as he intended, to return to Earth. He prefers to keep his current life.


You’ll realize that Buzz isn’t quite as dead as we thought if you stay for the final credits scene.

LightyearIt’s now available on Disney+

Lightyear’s ending – Zurg twist links back at Toy Story gag

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