LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester hosts NINJAGO Event

It’s been 10 years since Master Wu and his team of ninjas first spun their way into our hearts, and LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester is celebrating in a big way with the LEGO NINJAGO 10th Anniversary Event! The anniversary event will run through Sept. 19, and features special guest appearances by Kai the Red Ninja, augmented reality challenges, and build-yourself LEGO NINJAGO creations. It will be a day that your little ninjas-in-training won’t soon forget. Here’s what your family can expect.

5 Things to Do at LEGOLAND Discovery Center’s NINJAGO 10th Anniversary Event

1. Complete the MINILAND Scavenger Hunt.

Your adventure begins when you first enter LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester. When you find Master Wu and Cole, Jay, Kai or Lloyd hidden in MINILAND, your family will be given a checklist. You should also visit the Ninjago-fied MINILAND while you are on your hunt. Ninjago setsIn the last 10 year.

2. Join Master Wu on an augmented-reality adventure.

Next, get ready to an Augmented Realityquest is the first LEGOLAND Discovery Center-exclusive of its kind. It puts you right in to the action! Master Wu needs your help in locating the six pieces of the amulet broken by the evil Lord Garmadon and putting them back together. Look for the QR code on your phone and follow the action as Master Wu and the Ninjas join forces to piece the amulet and protect the NINJAGO legacy.

3. Learn how to make LEGO NINJAGO creations

Make sure to head over to the Master Model Builder Workshop where you’ll learn how to make a LEGO NINJAGO inspired build with one of the Master Model Builders and display your creation for all to see.

4. Snap a photo together with Kai, Red Ninja.

While you’re exploring the rest of the fun at LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester, be on the lookout for Kai, who will make special guest appearances and pose for photos with your family!

5. Train to be a Ninjago Ninja.

Feel like you’re ready to be a member of the NINJAGO crew? Make sure to take part in a ninja training session where you’ll learn some cool moves and receive a certificate upon completion for you to hang up at home as a reminder of your Day of celebrationNinjago celebrates 10 years at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Westchester

Visit LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester

Is LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester available?

LDC Westchester is at 39 Fitzgerald St., YonkersRidge Hill Shopping Center.

How much are LEGOLAND Discovery Center ticket prices?

One-day admission tickets for ages 3+ start at $19.99 (prices may vary per day); children 2 and below are free.

What are LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester’s hours?

It’s open Monday-Friday, 12-5:30pm, and Saturday-Sunday, 10:30am-5:30pm. Last entry is at 3:00pm.

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LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester hosts NINJAGO Event

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