Lego Technic BMW M 1000 RR Lego motorbike

Lego Technic BMW M 1000 RR – bigger is better (pic: Lego)

If you’ve not managed to find a new Lego set you want for Christmas there’s a major new wave of releases coming out on New Year’s Day.

Christmas is undoubtedly the busiest season for gift-giving and purchasing Toys can be sent out far in advance to ensure everyone has the chance to get them. Lego tends to release many new Legos at the beginning of each year, including this huge new Technic motorbike.

Even though big sets can be released at any time, the majority of sets are released in late summer and New Year. January will see many new sets for Star Wars and Harry Potter.

The TechnicBMW M 1000 RR aims more at adults than kids, with a realistic 1:5 scale model that includes all the parts.

However Technic Lego is compatible with the regular kind it’s generally used to create machinery and vehicles that actually work, with the BMW M 1000 RR having a fully functional three-speed gearbox and front and rear suspension.

It’s also got front steering, a gold chain, and three different dashboards and a printed windshield – for you to customise your display however you want.

The model is exactly the same as the real thing. However, the way you build it is designed to replicate the real production process. All the parts are added in the exact same order.

Satisfyingly complex (pic: Lego).

‘It’It was so much fun to get under the skin of such an important model for BMW Motorrad. There’s a reason why these beautifully engineered bikes are so universally loved by the biking community, and we are confident our Lego Technic version is a winner like its real-life namesake’, says designer Samuel Tacchi.

The bike measures 45.5 cm in length and 27.7cm high (or 32.6cm high with the display stand). It is the largest of its kind at 1,920 pieces. Lego Technic motorbike ever.

That also means it’s not cheap, at £174.99, but then you have got plenty of time to start saving up.

Set number 42130, it’ll go on sale on January 1 at Lego stores and the official websiteIt was also available in other retailers beginning to get it in March.

Even the box is enormous (picture by Lego)

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Lego Technic BMW M 1000 RR Lego motorbike

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