LEGO Technic 2022 supercar thought to be Ferrari Daytona


Rumours circulating for LEGO TechnicSummer reports suggested that the 42143 set could be a Ferrari Daytona SP3 made up of more than 3,000 pieces.

Promobricks You should have more information LEGO Technic’s range in summer 2022. This report is consistent and consistent with previous listings.

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42143 [Ferrari Daytona SP3]

Image: Ferrari

The source isn’t certain if the name given above is correct. According to rumours, the supercar 42143 will depict a Ferrari, specifically a Daytona SP3 Ferrari. Ferrari provided a selection of images and noted that it is very similar to the 330P3 model.

Ferrari Daytona SP3 LEGO setIt is estimated to be 3,776 pieces. It is said to have a rotating engine as well as opening doors. It is also expected to have a removable roof, according to a source. It is rumoured to release on August 1 for €399.99 as an 18+ model. The Release dateIt is possible that this report may differ from one that stated the set was delayed beyond 2022.

42144 [Waste Handler]


The previously rumoured 42144 Waste Handler set, with the name not certain according to the source, is included in the report as being made up of 835 elements for €99.99 and is said to likely be appealing to those who enjoy the pneumatic functions of LEGO Technic models.

According to a source, the build is believed to be a red-and black waste handler. It is expected to be released on August 1. The report includes a longer cab and two steerable front tires, a hand pump to operate gripper arm, as well as four supports that may be similar to the image.

42145 Airbus H175 Rescue Helicopter

Airbus H175 Rescue HelicopterImage: Airbus

This potential potentiary weighs in at a rumoured 2101 elements. LEGO Technic is expected by the source to cost €199.99, aligning with previous listings. The main model will likely be either red or yellow, with the neon-yellow variant being introduced. LEGO CITYIn 2022.

The source assumes CONTROL+ integration for functions. Both the tail and main rotors can spin at different speeds, with each having five blades.

The interior Details are also included in the rumour. The control sticks are located on the two ends of each cockpit and allow the main rotating rotor to be adjusted to tilt in different directions. The winch is also located on the outside, opening doors to both the cockpit side and side.

42146 [Liebherr LR 13000]

Liebherr LR 13000 featuredImage: Liebherr

This Rumored setName not confirmed in the report. This Rumours abound that set has been discovered to be made up of 2,882 bricks for €449.99 as the second 18+ model in the list. According to the source, this build is the tallest. LEGO TechnicThe largest collection of its kind. The high price of the pieces may be due to the larger lattice elements and a brick-built counterweight that is one-kilogram in weight.

CONTROL+ is also available This set includes:Another reason for its high price is its design. According to the source, six motors as well as two smart hubs will be offered. Included in the set.

These LEGO has not confirmed rumours. Group. Be careful until they are Officially Announced.

Featured Image Ferrari

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Ferrari DAytona SP3 Featured
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LEGO Technic 2022 supercar thought to be Ferrari Daytona

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