Lego Star Wars Yoda review 2022

This is a Yoda model that is quite large isn’t quite life size, but it’s still impressive in stature. Yoda measures 25.9inches (66cm) according to the accompanying information plaque. This model with the lightsaber included measures 16 inches (41cm), making them a formidable display item.

Essential info

Price: $99.99/£104.99

Model number: 75255

Number of pieces 1,771

Dimensions: 16 inches (41cm) tall

Recommended age: 10+


Original release: October 2019. Lego Star Wars YodaIt is still one the longest-running Star Wars sets. In fact, it’s only beaten by one set: the $800/£700 Millennium Falcon, which has been around since 2017. The £700/£615 Imperial Star Destroyer is still around too, which released at the same time as Yoda. Due to their low prices, these sets are extraordinary. For Yoda to still be around after almost three years – when most other Lego Star Wars sets retire after less than two years – it must be something special. After building it, it is confirmed to be so. After all, there’s little more lovable than Yoda in the Star Wars galaxy. Grogu?

Continue reading to learn more about our thoughts. Lego Star Wars Yoda, and if it’s worth adding this charming green guy to your collection. Write the whole review in the style of Yoda, we won’t. It would be extremely annoying.

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Lego Star Wars YodaReview Build

  • It was easy to follow the instructions and it was very enjoyable.
  • This is because of the limited color palette. It can be somewhat repetitive.
  • When we started building, the instruction booklet was the first thing that we saw. Lego Star Wars Yoda. It does what we love most: it draws a line around each new piece that is introduced in each step. That doesn’t sound like much, but it’s something that Lego is inconsistent with. Yoda’s set uses a lot the same color so it makes it easy to see where bricks are needed. We assume this is because Yoda is a 10+ set rather than part of the 18+ range aimed at adults, but it’s still something we wish Lego did consistently. Strangely, even in this set, the outline disappeared towards the end of the book – no such guidance was given for Yoda’s head, but we managed okay.

    This outline was very helpful in assembling. Lego Star Wars Yoda easy. It’s easy to stumble when you’re working with hundreds of bricks all of the same color, but the instructions made it really easy to know exactly where everything was going.

    Each stage in Building Yoda comes with its own bag. To start with, you’ll put together an internal rectangular frame, largely made of Technic-style pieces. Each side of Yoda’s body and cloak will then be built independently before being attached to the frame. It’s a novel way of building which we really enjoyed, and seeing the textured detail of Yoda’s cloak come together is particularly neat. It’s amazing what the final result looks like, despite it being nothing more than a sea bricks in beige.

    Once Yoda’s body is completed, you’ll move on to building the head. This is done piecemeal. The head’s front is completed first, then the top, back, ears, and top are attached next. There are some wonderful building techniques on display here, particularly on Yoda’s eyes. Dustbin-lid-shaped bricks were used for Yoda’s eyelids. These bricks can be adjusted so that you can express a variety emotions. The rest of Yoda’s head is layered together with mostly smooth bricks, with some interesting detail given to his nose to give the effect of wrinkles above it. Once it’s attached to his body, Lego Star Wars Yoda’s head can also turn slightly so he can be posed.

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    Lego Star Wars Yoda_face close up angry_Kimberley Snaith

    (Image credit: Future)

    The final part of the build goes to Yoda’s hands and his huge lightsaber. His hands are made up of three long, spindly fingers which wrap around the lightsaber handle – they’re perhaps more alarming in appearance than Yoda’s real hands, but they’re effective and we appreciate the ability to pose them. The lightsaber itself is made up of translucent bricks which are applied to a long. Technic rod. The final product is easily identifiable. It’s a real shame that Lego hasn’t made use of a light brick at the bottom to luminate the whole thing, but perhaps we’re asking for slightly too much there.

    Lego Star Wars Yoda review: Design

  • Once completed, it will be a sturdy model
  • Captures Yoda’s expressive face very well
  • Despite this set being marketed for ages 10 and above, it’s not much of a toy. Yoda’s eyes can move slightly, as can his head, but that’s it. It’s not like a ship that can be swooshed about through the air. It’s a display piece through and through, and so this is a set that will still likely appeal mostly to adults. But it’s a beautiful display piece!

    Yoda’s face has been captured wonderfully, with an extraordinary amount of personality on show. His robes, especially the one behind Yoda that is bunched up behind him (where there’s also a little bit of white), are also very effective. ‘hair’ on the back of his head – a nice touch).

    We were initially put off by the amount of studs on display on Yoda’s cloak, thinking that smooth tiles would have finished it off better. It looks great in person and reflects the flowing texture of Yoda’s flowing coat. Yoda’s face has been captured wonderfully, with an extraordinary amount of personality on show.

    His robes, especially the bunched-up front one (where you can see some white), are also very effective. ‘hair’ on the back of his head – a nice touch). We were initially put off by the amount of studs on display on Yoda’s cloak, thinking that smooth tiles would have finished it off better. However, in person, it works exactly as it is and captures the texture of Yoda’s flowing cloak perfectly.

    The Lego Star WarsYoda set can be used as a display piece. It also comes with a display plate, which adds a premium touch to the set. There’s also a Yoda minifigure included, which stands at the side of the plaque – and we always appreciate the inclusion of a minifigure. It isn’t a minifigure exclusive to this set, but it is the only current set where this particular Yoda can be found. In fact, it’s the only current set to include a Yoda minifig, full stop, so that’s something to keep in mind if you’re a minifigure collector.

    Should you buy Lego Star Wars Yoda?

    As one of the most recognizable characters in the whole of the Star Wars universe, it’s hard not to instantly fall in love with this Yoda’s Lego model. It’s a great display piece that, thanks to its impressive height, makes quite a statement. It can be displayed on its own or in combination with other pieces. Lego Star WarsSets can be used to create a larger display.

    That’s the crux, though: this is a display set, not a playset, despite the recommended age of 10 and up. Younger builders might be disappointed by the lack of play features. For adults looking for a piece to proudly show off on a shelf, it’s hard to find fault. Minifig collectors will enjoy the inclusion of the Yoda figurine.

    However, the recent price rise in Europe has meant that Lego Star Wars Yoda now has a RRP of £104.99 instead of £89.99. That’s a steep increase of 17% that we’re just not sure is fully justified. It retails at $99.99 in North America.

    What other Lego Star Wars sets can you find?

    It is one the most loved Lego Star WarsSince then, sets and many other items have been copied by others. Lego Star Wars Yoda’s first release. Lego Star WarsThe Child would be a great companion piece. It is constructed in a similar manner to Yoda. If you like the idea of having more Star Wars characters on display, Lego’s helmet range could be a good place to look – the brand-new Luke Skywalker (Red Five) Helmet would be a great piece to accompany Yoda.

    And, of course, there’s a huge range of Lego spaceships to consider. The most famous is the Millennium Falcon. While a huge $800/£700 version is available, you don’t have to break the bank as there are more budget-friendly (and display-friendly) options available. You can also pick the less-expensive but still iconic X-Wing, and TIE Fighter.


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