LEGO Star Wars Yavin IV Base – Coming later in the year?

A potentially dubious rumour suggests this year’s mooted LEGO Star WarsMaster Builder Series could be a huge version of the Rebel base from Yavin IV.

Instagram user legohio – who’s also posted rumours of the first LEGO Star Wars mini-doll, a Book of Boba Fett Rancor set and a drum-lacquered C-3PO minifigure – claims that 75331 won’t be a Geonosian Arena, Ewok Village or Death Star, but our first-ever Yavin IV base at minifigure scale.

According to legohio half of the Rebel base will be featured in the set. It will be a modular dollhouse style with three storeys and an open-back. The bottommost module will apparently consist of the hangar – complete with a midi-scale Millennium Falcon, and enough room to park ‘most play-scale rebel ships’ – while the middle and top modules are said to include the control room and ceremony room respectively.

The proposed build would follow the Master Builder Series sets 75222 Betrayal in Cloud. CityAnd 75290 Mos Eisley CantinaIt is identical to the above, but at a much higher price of $529.99. Word of that particular combination of product number and price has been doing the rounds for a while, but this is the first time we’ve heard any suggestion of what the set could be.

It’s one we’re especially wary of, however, given legohio’s so-far-unproven track record – and the reaction of more reliable sources of rumours, including legofulcrum, who’s commented on legohio’s original Instagram post with a blue cap emoji. According to Stay Hipp(We are down for the kids), this particular emoji is used. ‘call out someone who is not telling the truth’This suggests that legohio may have made this one up.

And if that is the case, it also throws into doubt all their other rumours – so it’s worth taking not only this report with a huge grain of salt, but also Every other rumourFrom legohio. Despite all that, a Yavin IV base seems like an interesting contender for a Master Builder Series Set, given the LEGO Star Wars team’s fondness for the original trilogy.

We also know that it’s a location the designers have considered before, thanks to an image of a prototype playset (above) that appeared in the LEGO Star WarsVisual Dictionary 2009 While that model is much smaller than a $530 MBS set would undoubtedly be, it’s proof positive that the iconic A New Hope planet isn’t out of the question for a future set.

And for the price point currently attached to 75331, it’s not hard to imagine that such a set would be big enough to hold the likes of 75301 Luke Skywalker’s X-wing Fighter in its hangar. A midi-scale Millennium Falcon would be a good idea, following the precedent set by the midi -scale Slave I or Cloud Car in regards to vehicles in MBS sets. 75222 Betrayal at Cloud City, and speeders in 75290 Mos Eisley Cantina.

If any or all of that does come to pass, however, it feels almost as likely to be sheer coincidence at this stage – at least until any of legohio’s other claims are proven correct. Click here to see the rest of the article. Every other LEGO Star Wars setCurrently, it is rumored that it will be launched in 2022.


LEGO Star Wars Yavin IV Base – Coming later in the year?

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