LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation Guide

Summer Vacation, the third animated LEGO series was our summer treat. This article will include all references, Easter eggs and other trivia we found, much as we did with the episode guides of the live-action series.

Official Summary: Finn plans a surprise vacation for his friends aboard The Galactic Starcruiser and The Halcyon. But Finn’s plans quickly go awry when he’s separated from the group. Alone on board the Halcyon, Finn encounters three Force Spirits — Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and Princess Leia, who each share their own unexpected stories of vacations gone wrong.

As he exits with the helmets, heads and helmets, the minifigure tilts his head. This LEGO minifigure is a reproduction of J.J Abrams. It is not his first LEGO minifigure. He was also available as an interactive character. Lego Star Wars: The Force awakens.

The planet profile image in the Planet Profile Image seems to have inspired Chandrila’s globe Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook.

The Halcyon tie-in is to Disney Galactic Starcruiser. Minifigures can also be seen with the uniforms worn by Cast Members.

The Halcyon’s first two cameos can be spotted from the Halcyon LEGO The Freemaker AdventuresRaam and Baash, Ithorian bounty hunter Raam, are Raam.

The Aurebesh of the Activity List refers to exactly what Poe said. Tournament, Bridge Tour, Holosabaac, Tournament, Crown Of Corellia Dining Room Sundeck and Engineering Room Tour.

Threepio, Artoo, and Christmas sweaters remind of the LEGO Holiday SpecialThey never wore sweaters within it. Poe’s sweater did have BB-8 on it.

Finn recalls The Shining as he sips a drink and talks to a ghost in a hotel lounge. Jack Torrance is an angry and sad man who gets his drink from the ghost bartender in an unoccupied hotel lounge.

The droid bartender’s name BV-RJ is a play on the word beverage.

Yerdua Drop is a very short for Yerdua Poison Spitter DropYou can order a drink known as ‘The Galactic Starcruiser’. It is non-alcoholic, so Finn is not drunkenly imagining Obi-Wan’s Force ghost.

A fair few of familiar faces from the Cantina can be spotted there besides Wuher (who is seen kicking out a GNK droid): Dr Evazan, Ponda Baba, Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes, Labria and Momaw Nadon. Strangely enough a couple of the other local barflies decided they rather hang out at Jabba’s Palace.

Obi-Wan can be heard in western suspense music as he enters The Cantina.

Lieutenant Colvett Vaera is another familiar face. The Freemaker AdventuresShe isn’t the only Tatooine character from that series. The Imperial arriving at Jabba’s Palace is Plumestriker.

The sign the Jawa’s try to hang up reads “Happy Birthday Jabba”Aurebesh

Valeria’s Hawaiian dress matches the red shirt with yellow flowers motif that Tom Selleck wore in Magnum PI, which was also referenced with Dale’s outfit in The Rescue Rangers.

Obi-Wan, a comedian, tries to get people laughing. “Nee Jabba”The crowd should respond “Nobata”. “Nee Jabba Nobata”It was stated in Bib Fortuna Return of the Jedi when the droids enter Jabba’s Palace. Depending on where you get it, the spelling of this line may vary.

The female Gamorrean that can be seen is based on Ralph McQuarrie’s art of a Gamorrean family in the palace that he had made for The Illustrated Star Wars.

Boba Fett appears aboard his ship, and you can hear the final credits version. The Book of Boba Fetttheme, laughing at the sudden mention of his own name in this version.

Grogu’s pram design is used in the pool at the sundeck.

You can hear the Wilhelm Scream at the Empire Day celebration. But you also have the Imperial March mix. RebelsDuring Empire Day celebration episode.

The Ronto wraps can be ordered in Galaxy’s Edge at Ronto Roasters.

Numerous promos feature this feature. “Weird Al”Yankovic is also visible in this segment as Vic Vankoh. The full Scarif Beach Party version can be found here.

These shows offer a nice mix of actual minifigures that you can buy and new designs that we hope to one day get for real, like RX-droid Han/Leia.

The last face that comes back from The Freemaker AdventuresCooper Wick is now the Lake Villages of Endor’s Director.

The previous mentioned The Illustrated Star Wars is also the first time that Ralph McQuarrie designed the Ewok stilt villages on the lake that clearly inspired Wick’s Lake Ewok.

Skywalker Ranch also boasts a lake called Lake Ewok

The four Ewoks who are threatening Wick are Chief Chirpa (Paploo), Chief Chirpa (Chief Chirpa), and the Ewok Warrior from set 10236 Ewok Village. The fourth appears as an homage to the digital Chief Chirpa.

One of the Ewoks calls Wick a Lurdo – a popular word for idiot or loser as seen in the Ewoks cartoon. So Threepio is really rusty in their dialect by translating it as “slimy, sludge-swilling scoundrel“.

Join us for the Star Wars: Andor Episode-Guide on 21 September!


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LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation Guide

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