LEGO Star Wars Magazine #79: Hoth comes to your home

Issue 79 LEGO Star Wars Magazine is out now, and here’s all the details of what readers can expect when they grab it from their local newsagents, including a Hoth Snowtrooper minifigure.

The epic new issue LEGO Star Wars magazine has just landed and it’s bringing a chill! It includes a LEGO Imperial Snowtrooper minifigure and a humorous bonus comic on these white-suited villains.

In the mag’s main comic, Luke Skywalker steals the Emperor’s jokebook with hilarious consequences! Search your feelings (or just the rest of the magazine) and you’ll find awesome posters featuring Vader, Han Solo and Chewbacca, tons of puzzles to keep you guessing, news on the massive Republic Gunship LEGO setA flipbook that you can cut out and create featuring the Millennium Falcon as well as some misfiring TIEs is also available!

All this and more can be found in the LEGO Star Wars magazine.


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LEGO Star Wars Magazine #79: Hoth comes to your home

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