Official Announcement of the LEGO Star Wars Helmet Collection 2022 sets


The first wave of 2022 was witnessed LEGO Star WarsThe Helmet Collection sets were released a few days back. LEGO today announced that these sets will be sold with the Dark Trooper helmet. These sets will be available with a Dark Trooper helmet. Sets will be availableAlongside the Luke Skywalker Red Five Helmet (75327) and The Mandalorian Helmet (75327). Pre-order your order todayThe LEGO Shop will be available on March 1.

Luke Skywalker (Red Five) Helmet (75327) – 676 pieces/$59.99

The Mandalorian Helmet (75332) – 584 pieces/$59.99

Dark Trooper Helmet (75343) – 693 pieces/$59.99

Iconic Luke Skywalker™, the Mandalorian™ and Dark Trooper™ inspired designs to join the rest of the LEGO Star Wars™ helmet building set line up

Billund, Denmark February 2nd, 2022: Fans can be excited about the outcome, no matter if you’re on the dark or light side. LEGO Group introducing three new character-inspired designs to the Star Wars™ helmet collection. Build and display hero Luke Skywalker’s™ iconic pilot headgear, pay homage to the legendary bounty hunter, Din Djarin, from The Mandalorian™ or tap into your Imperial side with the Dark Trooper Helmet building set.

The LEGO Star Wars helmet setsThey were created to give fans a new way to explore the galaxy. They are a stunning display piece once completed.

With the LEGO Star Wars Luke SkywalkerHelmets for builders allow you to unleash your creativity, and channel your inner Jedi-like focused. The highly-regarded LEGO Star Wars Luke Skywalker detailed instructionsHelmet features a microphone built from brick, transparent red visor elements and a nameplate. Others may prefer it. build the sleek LEGO Star Wars reimagining of the Mandalorian’sThe iconic helmet is made of metallic LEGO elements that recreate the shine and beauty of beskar.

The LEGO Star Wars Dark TrooperThose who are drawn to the dark side of the skull can wear a helmet. The helmet’s contours can be recreated by the model. LEGO style, using a combination of translucent LEGO elements and white bricks to recreate the Dark Trooper’s shining red eyes.

The new models can be pre-ordered on starting February 2nd. They will go on sale at LEGO Stores in March1st for 59.99 USD/EUR

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Officially Announced: LEGO Star Wars Helmet Collection 2022

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