LEGO Star Wars 40557 Hoth Rebels and 40558 Clone Troopers Minifigure Accessories Packs [Review]


LEGO Star WarsLEGO has been making accessory kits for Star Wars for more than 20 years. They’re effectively the same as the boxed Battle Pack sets, but packaged in the minifigure-shaped clamshells that are used on a variety of other themes. This 64-piece accessory pack for the 40557 Hoth Rebels Minifigure includes three Rebel troops dressed in Hoth uniforms. US $14.99 | CAN $19.99 | UK £12.99. The 40558 Clone Troopers Minifigure Accessories Kit contains 66 pieces. This is a scary amount. It also includes three Clone Troopers and a few bits of gear.  US $14.99 | CAN $19.99 | UK £12.99. Both Sets will soon be availableBeginning January 1.

The LEGO Group provided early copies for these setsTo The Brothers Brick for review. TBB will not be reviewed or given positive reviews if they receive products to review.

Unboxing the sets and parts

LEGO will use the familiar packaging of previous LEGO sets. The box comes with a transparent, miniaturefigure-shaped clamshell as well as a cardboard backing. The cardboard backing allows the box to hang on a retail hook. A word on the names: The packaging doesn’t feature the sets’ names, and at the time of writing, LEGO has not been in a position to confirm the exact names of these sets. I’ve guessed based on the naming for similar sets, but it’s possible LEGO will call them something slightly different once they’re available.

Each set contains 60 parts. All elements are packed in one bag. There are no stickers.

These sets are small and easy to assemble. The minifigures are the highlight here, as there aren’t any new elements or particularly unusual ones. The Hoth pack is a standout, and will be a great resource for anyone who wants to buy more. Star Wars blasters. Since they’re used as the legs on the portable turrets, you’ll get an extra six medium blasters beyond the three large blasters carried by the troops, for a total of nine. Five of them are Available in the Clone set. Troops can carry three medium-sized blasters and two can store in a weapons rack.

The final sets

The Hoth Also includes setTwo small, portable turrets that can be moved around with remotes. I’ll admit that my Star Wars knowledge is failing here, as I’m not sure the precise model these are meant to represent; they’re vaguely similar to the Imperial E-Web, but given their inclusion here I’m assuming that they’re Rebel weapons. A small version of the PTower is included. It’s not particularly accurate but I suppose it gets the point across. LEGO should have been includedA second minifigure.

The real highlight of this set are the three minifigures. Two have white jackets by Alliance Gunners while the other has a dark-tan one. Both versions sport new designs, though they’re quite similar to previous iterations from past sets. Gunners have two pouches instead of one. The female trooper’s head is single-sided, while the others have double-sided heads.

After the debacle. LEGO’s last big visit to the Battle of Hoth, it seems they’re wanting to do a better job this time around. LEGO has released four sets from this iconic battle so far, the largest being the miniaturefigure-scale 75313UCS AT-AT. Two more Sets are also availableTo help the Imperial forces, an AT-ST Battle Pack as well as a Snowtrooper Battle Pack were made. Watch for the review of those coming soon, but in the meantime, here’s how our poor, outnumbered Rebels feel with the monstrous AT-AT bearing down on them. No wonder it’s called The Empire Strikes Back.

Now let’s turn back time 25 Years until the Battle of Geonosis & the Grand Army of the RepublicYou can also see some Phase I Clone Troopers. The Clone Trooper Minifigure Accessories pack includes the troopers as an accessory, as well a small weapon rack that can store two large blasters and a small command module.


Perhaps someone more versed in prequel lore can pinpoint the exact piece of equipment this command pod is meant to be, but I suspect that it may be a design of LEGO’s making rather than a canon piece of lore. It has four printed screens and some antennas. There are also doors that can be folded. The feet made with dark red plates feel very tacked on and I’m left with the same impression as the Hoth pack’s P-Tower gave: LEGO should have been includedAnother minifigure is available.


The pack features two standard Clone Troopers, and one bright-light-orange-marked Clone Trooper Commander identical to the formerly exclusive one in the $350 75309 UCS Republic Gunship. The two regular Clone Troopers technically feature a new torso design, though it’s the same as the commander’s just without the highlights. All three clones have identical heads and are single-sided.

Conclusion and recommendation

Star WarsThere are many options to build army, including a legion, Storm Troopers or Mandalorians, Clone Troopers or a legion. These packs are great for building troops. These packs cost $15 each, which is comparable to Collectible Minifigures. You also get some bonus accessories. It’s unclear if this means that these are a better deal than CMFs. As I mentioned before, I’d have preferred that LEGO includesYou can also use the fourth minifigure to replace some of the accessories. That said, if you’re looking to bulk out your Grand Army of the Republic, or even just give those Rebels a fighting chance against the new AT-AT, you’re going to want to pick up at least one of these sets, if not multiples.

40557 Hoth Rebels Minifigure, Accessory and PackIt comes with 64 pieces and three minifigures. The retail price is $19.95 US $14.99 | CAN $19.99 | UK £12.99January 1. It could also be sold to third-party vendors AmazonAnd eBay.

40558 Clone Troopers Minifigure Accessories PackageIt comes with 66 pieces and 3 minifigures. It retails at $19.95 US $14.99 | CAN $19.99 | UK £12.99January 1. It could also be sold to third-party vendors AmazonAnd eBay.

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LEGO Star Wars 40557 Hoth Rebels and 40558 Clone Troopers Minifigure Accessories Packs [Review]

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