LEGO NINJAGO’s Cole character is being recast starting 2022

The fate of LEGO NINJAGO’s Cole has been decided following the passing of his voice actor, Kirby Morrow, with plans revealed for 2022.

Tommy Andreasen revealed that plans are in motion for Cole’s future after Kirby Morrow, his first voice actor, died in 2020. The LEGO Group released an apology to Kirby Morrow for his efforts over the years, and confirmed that his job was finished for the season 2021. Cole’s future is now uncertain as the theme will continue until 2023.

The NINJAGO Group was left with several options. They could either take Cole out of the theme, or they could use the dialogue in future performances. They chose to use the dialogue for future performances.

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Starting in 2022, Cole will now be voiced by Andrew Francis, who previously voiced Morro, an antagonist-turned-ally from a past season.

“Andrew is already a long-time member of the Ninjago voice cast and has portrayed colourful and memorable characters like Shade, Beta Jay 137 and the Master of Wind himself, Morro,”Tommy Andreasen expressed concern about the decision.

“We hope you will greet and support Andrew and welcome him with open arms and a hearty NIINJAAAAA-GO! We are confident we made the best possible choice and the voice recordings for 2022 has crystalized our faith completely in Andrew as a worthy successor to Kirby.”

Andrew’s first voice work as Cole will be heard on a series NINJAGO Shorts, which will launch in early 2022. They will then continue on with the theme they chose. Rumours suggest there will be a full range with flaming snakes and models that revisit old vehicles on a smaller scale.

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LEGO NINJAGO’s Cole character is being recast starting 2022

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