LEGO introduction calendar 2022: Star Wars and Lego Pals, plus other goodies

These LEGO introduction calendars make Christmas countdown even more fun, regardless of your age.

Prime LEGO Introduction Calendar picks

Advent calendarsA Christmas tradition that is loved is the use of a sled.

Wolfing down chocolate whereas counting down the times till Christmas – what could possibly be higher? How about a few LEGO introduction calendars?

In case you’re elevating a LEGO fanatic, there’s one other fashion of introduction calendar they will love much more. There are many introduction calendars available that will allow them to spend the whole month of December with their assortment.

Here are 10 LEGO Introduction Calendars that you can store before Christmas.

Finest LEGO introduction calendars 2022

LEGO Star WarsAdvent calendar

This gift is filled with all the beautiful imagery that has been created over the years. Star Wars so common. This introduction calendar contains 16 mini-builds plus eight minifigures.

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LEGO Guardians of the GalaxyAdvent calendar

Guardians of the GalaxyThis movie is a great choice for good reason. This movie is loved by many younger children for its beloved and memorable cast of characters. This LEGO set includes 24 pieces, including characters such as Star-Lord and Groot, Rocket Raccoon, and more.

Buy now for $55

LEGO CityAdvent calendar

This amazing LEGO providing features a playmat that you can fold down for your little one to enjoy their 24 unique presents. If your little one is a fan of the LEGO Metropolis AdventuresThey will recognize the inclusions of five beloved characters in their TV collection. This LEGO Metropolis introduction calendar will make their Christmas countdown more exciting than ever.

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LEGO FriendsAdvent calendar

The favored LEGO PalsThis introduction character captures the entire collection. It is the most Christmas-themed LEGO introductional calendar available, and it includes Olivia, the protagonist, and her favorite mini dolls. It features mini-figures that represent Santa Claus, a reindeer or a sleigh packed with presents.

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The AvengersLEGO advent calendar

If your child cannot choose their favorite Avenger, this is the arrival calendar. It includes Iron Man, Spider-Man and Black Widow as well as Thor and other beloved characters. Marvel characters. You can give this set to your children and see their creativity at work, with creations that rival Hollywood blockbusters.

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Additional LEGO offers

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LEGO introduction calendar 2022: Star Wars and Lego Pals, plus other goodies

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