LEGO Holiday Main Street will be the Winter Village set for this year

Each year, the LEGO Group celebrates the winter holiday season by launching a new additon to its Winter Village series, and today we’re Get a professional lookCheck out the 2022 celebrations. The new LEGO Holiday Street set features a Christmas scene that includes two shops, a trolley vehicle and other extras that help to bring out holiday spirit.

LEGO Holiday Main Street revealed!

We are pleased to welcome you as the newest addition to our family. Creator Expert Winter Village theme, this year’s installment in the annual set takes a different approach than we’ve seen in the past few years. Many of the last additions to the lineup have been somewhat standalone models with the Santa’s Visit being joined by Elf Club House of 2020, and Gingerbread House from the year prior. But now, we’re going back to the LEGO Group’s roots for the theme with a new expansion to your brick-built city.

The new LEGO Holiday Main Street arrives as the 2022 addition to the collection and comes packed with all of the usual Christmas flair you’d expect from the series as set number 10308. It will enter as the 13th installment in the ongoing seasonal series, and is the first time in years that we’ve gotten a set comprised of several different models rather than just one large model.

Despite this, most of the build is devoted to two different festive stores. Stacking up to 1,514 pieces, there’s a music shop that comes outfitted with everything from LEGO guitars to violins, as well as a toy shop next door. These are both two-story buildings with the shop aspects on the ground floor and then an apartment above for the stores’ respective owners – which we’ll circle back to in a second.

LEGO Group offers side builds that add festive flair to the main buildings. You’ll find a pretty impressive trolley car that comes adorned with wreaths and the like, and complements the brick-built Christmas tree. Builders can add a clock tower or mailbox to their Winter Village designs.

Six minifigures are included in the LEGO Holiday Mainstreet set. There’s a shop owner for both the music and toy stores as well as a pair of shoppers and a kid minifig to complete the lineup alongside the trolley driver. I wouldn’t say the collection is all that exciting in terms of exclusives or anything, but it’s a nice mix that should fill out a Winter Village setup quite well.

Clock in at $99.99Officially launched next month, the new LEGO Holiday Main Street set is available for purchase on October 7th. Anyone who has signed up for the LEGO VIP program before October 3rd can score the new Winter Village set.

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