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Lego sets are an integral part childhood. They are a favorite holiday gift and may be one of the most beloved toys ever created. Although it may sound bold Legos have been proven improve the quality of your life. Social skills that promote collaborationThey Encourage creativity and evidence shows that they help with motor skills, Geospatial abilities Problem solving.

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They are a great learning tool. Kids love them, parents love them and they are a hit toy for any kid. From Lego Star WarsTo build sets from Lego Ninjago to Minecraft Lego DuploTo Lego Friends, here are some of the best Lego sets for kids of 2022—and they’re all conveniently available at Amazon.

1. Lego Express Passenger Train – Lego City

Ideal for all ages7 and Above

Every child should have a Christmas morning train set at one point in their life. This fully functional and easy-to-build train set is our favorite Lego Lego set. This bullet locomotive is packed filled with cool, electrical components that make it the perfect DIY set for toy train enthusiasts and builders.

This Lego CityThe set is fun to put together and includes many clever details, such as working lights and a fully stocked car restaurant, doors that open or close, luggage racks, bikes racks, luggage and shelves, and two crew minifigures. Four mini-figures are available for passengers carrying luggage. This set includes a lot of track for loops.

Amazon: $190

2. Lego Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi Jedi Starfighter

The best Lego sets of 2022.

Ideal for all ages7 and Above

The Star Wars Attack of the Clones starfighter contains everything a rebel fighter needs to travel beyond the outer edge to defend the rebel alliance. It also includes four mini-figures and the satellite Obi Wan Kenobi, which can be used to reach Geonosis.

This nostalgic ship is a throwback to Attack of the Clones and is bursting with details like red-haired Obi-Wan with lightsaber and hood, storage clips, landing gear and a working blaster.

This Lego Star Wars set comes with three mini-figures: Obi-Wan Kenobi, an R4-P17 astromech droid and the very first Kaminoan mini-figure Taun We, for fans that love to collect rare figures.

Amazon $30

3. Lego Friends: Andrea Theater School

The best Lego sets of 2022.

Ideal for all ages8 and Above

This charming video allows drama-loving kids to showcase all their big ideas. Lego Friends theater set that is a replica of London’s famed West End Theater.

This large playhouse has many fun features, such as customizable backdrops and dressing areas, costumes and lights, and a balcony that can be seated. This Lego Friendsset is ideal for creativity and imagination.

Amazon: $100

4. Lego Harry Potter: Hogwarts Clock Tower

The best Lego sets of 2022.

Ideal for all ages8 and Above

For your budding Potterheads, this set is filled with favorite characters and iconic locations from the beloved movies, including Dumbledore’s office, a fully stocked Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom and a section of the Icy Ballroom, complete with holiday decor and a decorated, snow-covered Christmas tree.

This Lego Harry PotterSet includes eight minifigures. They all wear Yule ball costumes, including Harry Potter.

Amazon: $72

5. Lego Dots: Lego Big Message Board

The best Lego sets of 2022.

Ideal for all ages6 and higher

Let them speak out with the largest messageboard in the world Lego Dots line. Lego Dots are a favorite of creative self-expression-loving kids. They allow children the freedom to draw, doodle, or write with flat Lego parts. The free-form expression of this message board will make the tween in your life think you’re actually cool for gifting this.

This set includes four 16×16 plates as well as frame and hanger elements and 800+ tiles. The set also contains 800+ tiles in a variety shapes and colors that will help children express themselves. We love this Lego Dots set but recommend that you also see the entire collection. Lego Dots lineIf you have a creative child in the family.

Amazon: $40

6. Lego Ninjago: Lloyd’s Golden Ultra Dragon

The best Lego sets of 2022.

Ideal for all ages9 and above

Lego Ninjago just dropped a new season, so if you have a fan of Sensei Wu’s kid ninja clan it’s certain to be renewed this holiday season with Cole’s four-headed golden hydra dragon. Lego claims this Ninjago Dragon is the largest with its posable tail & legs and a pair of golden wings that can be folded out into three blades.

As any other Lego NinjagoMinifigures made from gold are highly sought-after, as any fan will tell you. This set contains nine minifigures exclusive to Ninjago TV shows. These include Golden Oni Lloyd (Golden Kai), Golden Jay and Golden Cole. Golden Zane (Golden Kai), Golden Jay, Golden Zane and Crystal King.

Amazon: $150

7. Lego 3-in-1 creator: Lego Viking Ship & Midgard Serpent

The best Lego sets of 2022.

Ideal for all ages9 and above

You never really have a true Lego collection if you don’t have an extra large Lego ship. This Lego 3-and-1 CreatorKit creates an epic ship, and a complete Viking adventure. While this isn’t actually branded as a Thor play piece, it will certainly appeal to any kids who love Thor: Love and Thunder.

This 3-in-1 kit includes four minifigures, the Midgard Serpent and three amazing Viking toys: a Viking Ship or Viking home with a dragon.

Amazon: $120

8. Lego 3-in-1 Creator set: Lego Sunken Treasure Mission

The best Lego sets of 2022.

Ideal for all ages8 and Above

We are huge fans of the Lego 3-in-1 Creator toys. They add so many dimensions to creative play and, since they can be built and rebuilt, they are a smart choice for gifting if you’re hoping to keep a kid busy during holiday travel.

This set will spark their imaginations. It includes a giant lobster, an octopus, and a giant manta Ray, with movable parts such eyes, pincers wings, eyes, and eyes. It also includes an underwater adventurer treasure chest coral reef and a smiling Skeleton deepwater explorer.

Amazon: $39

9. Lego Disney: Mickey & Friends Castle Defenders

The best Lego sets of 2022.

Ideal for all ages4 and Above

What little kid doesn’t like castles, dragons, knights and princesses? This Duplo set has just enough pieces to challenge preschoolers, but it’s easy enough that they can build and create on their own without frustration. It also features some of their most beloved iconic designs. DisneyCharacters like Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse as well as Daisy Duck.

Amazon: $54

10. Lego Minecraft: The Skeleton Dungeon

The best Lego sets of 2022.

Ideal for all ages8 and Above

If there’s one trend that goes perfectly with the classic elements of Legos, it’s Minecraft. Kids can’t get enough of Lego MinecraftLego bricks are a great choice due to the blocky nature of this popular videogame.

This set is interactive and takes Minecraft’s gaming capabilities to the next level. It features interactive features like a rock slide and rotating skeletonspawner.

Amazon $35

11. Lego Duplo: Wild Animals of South America

The best Lego sets of 2022.

Ideal for all ages2 and higher

This is a wonderful opportunity for children aged 2 and above to experience the wild side nature. Lego Duplo set that’s specialty designed for preschoolers.

This year’s favorite Lego entry is the one with jungle activities and animals, such as rocks, waterfalls, trees and sloths.

Amazon: $55

12. Lego Friends: Organic Farm

The best Lego sets of 2022.

Ideal for all ages8 and Above

The Lego FriendsFarm is full of celebrations and fun. One of the best things about the farm Lego FriendsLine illustrates how interactive it can be. This socially conscious set isn’t disappointing.

This traditional farmhouse is great for children who love animals. It has chickens, a barn, and a horse to ride. After they are done playing with the animals, the four figures can tend the crops on their tractor or get to work selling eggs and apples—or cook up healthy meals in the outdoor kitchen.

Amazon: $90

13. Lego Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets

The best Lego sets of 2022.

Ideal for all ages9 and above

As part their 20th Anniversary Lego Harry PotterThis is the most epic line Lego Harry Potter set of the year and it’s sure to make for the most magical of holiday gifts.

This interactive set includes 11 minifigures and an opening Basilisk snake. It also contains a golden Voldemort and many secret rooms. This set is perfect for spellbinding and magical play.

Amazon: $128

14. Lego Stuntz: Double Loop Stunt Arena

The best Lego sets of 2022.

Ideal for all ages7 and Above

This Lego playset is easy to build and offers a lot of payoff. You can add excitement to the playset with real stunts. Lego StuntzThese are relatively new additions to the Lego CityLine and are the best choice for builders who enjoy a little excitement.

The set includes two loops, two tension-loaded mechanical bikes and a snapping serpenthead. There are also two flame features. The two motorcycles take a little bit of technique to get going through the loops but we got to test this one in person—not only is this set tons of fun once you get the hang of it, it’s the most used during play dates.

Amazon: $160

1. Lego Duplo: Space Shuttle Mission

The best Lego sets of 2022.

Ideal for all ages2 and higher

This kit includes 23 pieces and is intended for budding astronauts. Lego DuploSet is small in size but large in imagination.

This space set contains male and female astronauts, a space shuttle with wheels that turn and can be opened, a movable step ladder, and a buggy equipped with a radar and turning radar. This interactive set is fun and easy to assemble.

Amazon: $16

Lego Ninjago, Lego Star Wars, Lego Friends and Lego Ninjago

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