LEGO Friends 2023 Official Set Images

We already know that LEGO FriendsSoft relaunch will take place in 2023. The LEGO Shop also revealed the sets that will be available for the next year. The sets were first announced in October. On January 1, 20 sets will be available. If we’re going by the set numbers, there might be a lot more LEGO Friends sets as there’s lots of gaps between them.

Donut Shop (41723) – 63 pieces/$9.99

Little baking fans aged 4 and up will love creating stories with the LEGO® Friends Donut Shop 41723 building set. This imaginative toy allows children to learn how to build with Leo, who is an artist and Leo who loves baking. Liann’s optimism and enthusiasm make her a great friend to Leo, who has just moved to the city. Accessories include a bowl and cup with 3 donuts (with milk), money, and 2 chairs. A table allows children to play while making delicious treats.

Paisley’s House (41724) – 185 pieces/$39.99

Kids aged 8 and up can play out exciting stories with this brilliantly detailed LEGO® Creator 3in1 Birdhouse (31143) building set. It features a birdhouse with five colourful and posable toys that can be sat on its perches.

Holiday Camping Trip (41726) – 87 pieces/$19.99

Introduce kids aged 4+ to the fun of camping with this LEGO® Friends Holiday Camping Trip (41726) set. Young builders can help Aliya, a cityAutumn and -girl to drive the car and camper to the perfect spot in Heartlake City Forest. The removable roof lets kids explore the camper van’s interior and the set comes with lots of accessories. Children can pretend to spot rare butterflies using the camera, and then roast marshmallows over the campfire.

Dog Rescue Center (41727) – 617 pieces/$59.99

Little dog lovers aged 7 and up will have lots of fun creating their own pup-inspired tales with this LEGO® Friends Dog Rescue Center (41727) toy. This set includes everything children will need to care for the dogs that are waiting to be adopted. Animal lover Autumn knows her friend Zac adores dogs too, so she’s kindly invited him along. Children will enjoy helping to feed, groom and wash the dogs. There are many play areas, including a slide. Modular design allows children the freedom to arrange the reception and kennels to create their rescue centre.

Heartlake Downtown Diner (41728) – 346 pieces/$29.99

Kids aged 6 and up can role-play lots of restaurant stories with this LEGO® Friends Heartlake Downtown Diner (41728) building toy set. They can pretend to make sandwiches or be customers at the diner, and have lots of accessories. There is an outdoor seating area, drive-through, and an arcade. The jukebox is portable. The fridge has salad ingredients that can also be used by children to create their own sandwiches. Other accessories include money as well as 2 drinks, 3 slices of bread, a napkin holder, a trashcan, and 3 sandwiches. There’s also a mischievous cat who loves to visit the diner!

Organic Grocery Store (41729) – 830 pieces/$89.99

Inspire creative role play at the grocery store for kids aged 8+ with this LEGO® Friends Organic Grocery Store (41729) set. It’s packed with toy grocery store accessories that kids can use to explore the characters’ interests. Autumn is passionately involved in the environment and loves to go to the organic store. Leo, her best friend, is her best friend and loves to cook new recipes. The kids will love to spot the features of real grocery stores like sliding doors, shopping carts and recycling banks. The set includes four mini-dolls, as well as a younger sister, Alba and Churro, who are the cat characters.

Autumn’s House (41730) – 853 pieces/$69.99

Discover a house filled with friendship for ages 7+ with this LEGO® Friends Autumn’s House (41730). Meet Autumn, a kindhearted lady who will make you smile. She’s invited her friends Leo and Aliya over and has activities planned for everyone. Baking enthusiasts can help Leo pick the apples and make a pie in their kitchen. Aliya can also take care of the foal with young animal lovers. The house has lots of rooms to explore, including a kitchen, cozy living room, dining area, bathroom and Autumn’s nature-inspired bedroom. The house offers lots of outdoor space including a balcony that friends can use to spot birds.

Heartlake International School (41731 – 985 pieces/$99.99

Kids aged 8+ can discover lots of new classes and cultures with the LEGO® Friends Heartlake International School (41731) set. They can also explore the classrooms, which are filled with accessories that relate to lessons. Students can reconfigure the school to suit their interests with the modular design. There’s a cafeteria, science class, entrance with lockers, art room, media room and bathroom. Outside, there’s a basketball net plus a skateboard and bike with helmets. Whether they’re caring for Bunsen the class hamster, getting creative in the art room or playing outdoors, there’s always something new for kids to try.

Downtown Flower and Design Stores (41732). – 2,010 pieces/$159.99

This fun project encourages young builder to express their creativity. Kids aged 12 and up can nurture their design skills as they build and customize this LEGO® Friends Downtown Flower and Design Stores (41732) set. The modular building can also be divided into three parts, so kids can arrange it differently. They’ll love building all the details of the LEGO Friends florist store, furniture store and Adi’s apartment – each with its own architectural style. Then they can get creative in choosing furniture for their empty apartments. The set includes 9 characters and 2 pets. There are also 3 styles of furniture. Many accessories can be combined to create different stories.

Mobile Bubble Tea Shop (41733) – 109 pieces/$9.99

Creative kids aged 6 and up can have fun with this LEGO® Friends Mobile Bubble Tea Shop (41733). The bubble tea cart includes an electric scooter pretend. The roof opens to reveal the inside where children can make their bubble tea creations with Matilde, Nova, and their gaming pals. Nova has thousands of followers online, but she can be shy – so she’s super happy to have found a friend in fellow gamer Matilde. The set includes accessories for creative play, such as whipped cream and 2 bottles of bubble-tea. There’s even a function to mix the ingredients. There’s also a small cash register plus a table and a mascot with a menu card.

Mobile Tiny House (41735) – 785 pieces/$69.99

Creative adventures are easy to build with this LEGO® Friends Mobile Tiny House (41735) set for kids aged 7+. The car can pull the tiny house and provide seats for the mini-dolls. The house opens to reveal the bathroom, kitchen and bedrooms and comes with accessories – including a toy campfire – for kids to play out their own camping stories. Children will enjoy getting to meet the characters and learning about their hobbies. Leo has brought homemade snacks and Liann can’t wait to sketch everyone’s pets in thebeautiful forest. Paisley took her bunny along on the trip. Paisley is excited to write song lyrics in this inspiring setting.

Dog Rescue Bike (41738) – 125 pieces/$9.99

Pet-loving kids aged 6 and up can enjoy endless role-play adventures with this LEGO® Friends Dog Rescue Bike (41738) building toy set. They can search Heartlake CityVictoria and Aliya, a scout leader, are helping to find the missing puppy. Children will love the pawmark clues and dog urine. This toy set includes a dog rescue bike with a removable trailer. It opens from both the front and the back. The set also includes a small scene of a park that features a bench and a bush, as well as a doggie bed that opens up to reveal the missing puppy.

Liann’s Room (41739) – 204 pieces/$19.99

Art-loving kids aged 6+ have lots to discover in this LEGO® Friends Liann’s Room (41739) building toy set with its art desk, window nook and hidden bed. They’ll love exploring the friendship between energetic Liann and easygoing Autumn. Imaginative play is easy as kids pretend to paint a picture of Liann’s pet gecko, Popcorn. Many accessories are included to encourage creativity like paint tubes, easels or palettes. There are also cups, askateboards and comic books, as well as a pencil and pen and a terrarium for Popcorn the gecko.

Aliya’s Room (41740) – 209 pieces/$19.99

Kids aged 6+ can create their own fun stories with this LEGO® Friends Aliya’s Room (41740) building set. There’s lots to explore as Paisley and Aliya write stories together before their sleepover. The room reflects Aliya’s studious nature with accessories including school papers, a swivel chair, laptop, book, lamp and a trophy. Aliya has hidden F grades of schoolpaper under her pile of A grades. This will be a delight for the kids! Paisley might be in a position to help Aliya relax and not be so hard on her. When it’s time to relax, there’s a big screen for movies and dog toy accessories for playtimes with Aliya’s puppy.

Dog Rescue Van (41741) – 300 pieces/$29.99

This adorable dog will be loved by animal lovers aged 6+. The LEGO® Friends Dog Rescue Van (41741) building toy set is made for storytelling. Kids can make the pup’s head stick out of the cardboard box as Nova passes by and then pretend to call the rescue center. Pickle’s mobile rescue center is revealed when the truck’s roof lifts off. Pickle can be outfitted with accessories like a stool, brush and soap, water, food and a trashcan. Pickle can have wheels that assist her in walking. Kids will love changing Nova’s sad expression to a happy one as she cares for Pickle.

Cat Hotel (41742) – 445 pieces/$29.99

Cat-loving kids will enjoy exploring this LEGO® Friends Cat Hotel (41742) building toy. Created for ages 6 and up, it’s packed with opportunities for storytelling and includes 2 mini-dolls and 3 cat characters. Olly’s cat can be settled into the hotel by his children. There are 3 rooms, couches, as well as a cat tree. Creative Olly even created bows, crowns and other accessories for cats. The exterior is just as much fun – with a cat-themed sign, a tree to climb, a door for the humans and a small door for the cats. Accessories include toys and cat food, litter boxes, litter boxes, litter, and toys to help children care for their cats.

Hair Salon (41743) – 401 pieces/$39.99

Kids aged 6 and up will love exploring the LEGO® Friends Hair Salon (41743) with Paisley and Olly. This set tells the story of shy Paisley, who is worried about getting her hair cut because she doesn’t know what style will suit her. Olly, her kind friend, is there to help her. Kids can act out the adventure as the friends head to Nadia’s hair salon to create Paisley’s new look. There’s lots to discover, with washing and styling areas inside the salon and a gumball machine, scooter parking area and a bench outside. Paisley will be available to swap her hairpieces and facial expressions with children.

Skate Park (41751) – 431 pieces/$49.99

Inspire kids’ creativity and appeal to their sense of adventure with this LEGO® Friends Skate Park (41751) for ages 6 and up. They’ll love meeting the characters and seeing the different ways each one challenges themself at the skate park. Children can use the rails and ramps to do cool tricks. Then they can continue the story with a visit to the park building where there’s a workshop for fixing wheels. There’s an elevator to take the characters to the chill-out area where they can relax. This cool toy is great for teaching children how friendship can inspire them to try new things.

Leo’s Room (41754) – 203 pieces/$19.99

Whether they love baking, creative play or both, kids aged 6+ have lots to discover in this LEGO® Friends Leo’s Room (41754) building toy set. Leo built a studio inside his room to record content and create videos for his baking channel. Leo and Olly will have a lot fun together with their creative pursuits. Olly is an expert at videomaking and makes a great companion for Leo. You will find many accessories and features that encourage role play, including a camera, cat toy and cookbook. After filming is completed, the children can open their balcony doors to let their friends enjoy the seaside views from their bedroom.

Nova’s Room (41755) – 179 pieces/$19.99

Kids aged 6+ have lots to discover in this LEGO® Friends Nova’s Room (41755) building toy set. Zac didn’t think he had much in common with Nova until he discovered that she loves gaming – just like him! They can build their friendship while playing together. The bedroom scene is a great place to let your kids explore. There’s a gaming PC with keyboard and neon fans, plus a gaming chair and microphone. Pickle, a rescue dog, can also be taken care of by children. There’s a workbench where Nova repairs Pickle’s wheels, plus a ramp to help him get onto the bed. Kids will love spotting extra details (like the hidden poster) that reveal Nova’s other interests.

LEGO Friends 2023 Official Set Images

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