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Each LEGO theme has a specific objective. Star Wars and Ninjago promise motion, funky cars and characters. Creator Professional offers advanced designs and fashionable show fashions. TechnicFeatures working features and interesting equipment. The Creator line’s area of interest is in offering an old-school construct expertise, for individuals who need units with a load of potential however not a number of unique or specialised parts. In that vein, 31120 Medieval FortressIt was a huge success. The 3-in-1 set is located at the top of the brand-new lineup of Creator units, out June 1. It includes directions and components to make 3 distinct medieval-themed fashions. The set has 1,500 items, making it the biggest Creator set to this point, not counting bulk brick buckets that don’t embrace directions. It’ll retail for US $99.99 | CAN $TBD | UK £TBD. It will be available in Europe and other parts of Europe by June 1, while North America will have to wait until August 1.

The LEGO Group provided The Brothers Brick an early copy this set for evaluation. TBB is not protected nor provided with constructive opinions by providing merchandise for assessment.

The field and contents

1,500 items is very large for the standard Creator set, and extra in keeping with what we’d see from a Creator Professional set. The previous record-holder for this theme was the 6753 Freeway Transport. The set was launched in 2009 and contained 1,294 items. After all, that’s not counting the majority brick buckets comparable to these carried by retailers like Costco or Walmart across the holidays, which additionally get the Creator branding. However these units primarily comprise solely probably the most primary bricks, plates, and slopes in all kinds of colours, and so they don’t embrace the directions to construct any particular fashions. So it’s simple to justify calling the Medieval Fortress the biggest conventional Creator set to this point. The entrance contains the first fort model that uses all 1,500 parts. The second view reveals alternate builds such as a fort wall with windmill and a tower with an trebuchet.

Contained in the field you’ll discover 9 luggage numbered throughout seven steps, plus a big tan 8×16 plate unfastened. As with most Creator units, there aren’t any stickers.

Both instruction manuals are sealed together in a sealed bag. The first handbook contains the instructions for the primary fort model, while the second book builds the alternates.

Many of the parts in Creator units are widespread and comparatively non-specialized, and that’s actually the case right here. There are however a few interesting bits. There aren’t any new molds, however a number of items seem right here in new colours. The 4×6 plate surprisingly hasn’t been out there in darkish azure prior to now, whereas the 2x2x3 and three×1 slopes arrive for the primary time in olive inexperienced. The brand new 3x3x2 corner window body has made its debut in Buddy units earlier this year in white. However, here it takes on a second coloration: brown. It’ll even be in brown in a number of the new Harry Potter units.

The construct

The fort is modular. It is made up of three main sections, which relax on huge plates. The main, largest section is the fort gate and drawbridge. The entrance of the fort sits on somewhat hilly mass of bricks and slopes that’s manufactured from quite a lot of greens (darkish, olive, and sand). It’s a pleasant nod to the basic LEGO castles of the previous that have been normally constructed on a giant molded baseplate with the doorway between two hills. There’s somewhat little bit of landscaping with some vines, and scraggly tree, and a few mushrooms.

The drawbridge raises or lowers using a simple mechanism that winds the chains around a central axle. I also encountered an error in the directions at this stage. Beginning on step 89, two yellow 1×1 bricks seem, although the directions don’t name for them to be positioned till step 91. It’s a minor factor that fortunately doesn’t intervene with the construct, however I construct a number of units, and directions errors appear to be getting extra widespread.

The majority of the build is studs up, but there are some nice details, such as the loop holes on the entrance towers. The medium nougat clips will be the location where the hanging banners will connect.

With the entrance gate section accomplished, it’s already beginning to appear to be a fort. This can be a more powerful fort than other fort units.

There are two small hinged sections at the bottom of the fort that have clips to attach to the opposite sections. The inside of the fort has very little detail.

The subsequent part is the fort’s left (for those who’re wanting on the entrance). On the skin it has a water wheel, however the inside is the blacksmith’s store. Even though it is a LEGO-built blacksmith store, it is well-equipped with all the tools of commerce, such as a forge and hammer. The water wheel powers the anvil; spin it, and the hammer bangs upward and downward.

The small tudor-style structure in yellow or brown is located at the top of the blacksmith store. We’ll check out the inside later.

The final part of the fort is a simple nook wall. There’s additionally a small effectively that’s a standalone construct and might be positioned wherever you want, although the directions present it goes contained in the fort partitions.

The tower will be tall enough to top the fort wall. It will feature yellow partitions and continue the Tudor style constructions. Here, the Tudor partitions are made with vertical tiles and plates that are held together with brackets.

The fort is now complete, so there’s only one thing left to build. Each fort wants somebody to put siege to it, and on this case that’s a spry inexperienced dragon—or extra precisely, a wyvern, because it lacks entrance legs.

The finished mannequin

I’ve constructed a number of LEGO castles from the numerous fort themes LEGO has produced during the last 30 years. It all depends on how much you trust. There’s no query that this one incorporates probably the most items of any medieval fort that LEGO has ever made (until you depend Löwenstein Fortress), however I feel it’s unlikely it has the biggest footprint.


Nonetheless, for those who evaluate it to earlier LEGO castles it’s instantly obvious that this one is extra detailed on nearly each entrance. I’ve a number of nostalgia for traditional castles like 6086 Black Knight’s CastleFrom 1992 6074 Black Falcon’s FortressIt was popularized in 1986, or perhaps it was a more recent one like 7946 King’s CastleSince 2010. However for those who can put aside your nostalgia for a second, it’s clear the Medieval Fortress is best in nearly each means.

However, you shouldn’t let your nostalgia get in the way of the good things. LEGO could also be enhancing the design of the fort, however that doesn’t imply the basic themes are tossed to the road. This fort is adorned with the symbol of Black Falcons, a fan-favorite theme that was introduced in 1984 and has been popping up everywhere since then.

As I mentioned in the construct section, the fort is divided into three segments: The gatehouse, the blacksmith shop, and the tower walls. Whereas the three base items can’t actually be organized otherwise in a means that is smart, it will be simple to plan your personal segments that reach this fort out additional.

What they’ll do, nevertheless, is open up whereas related, letting you’ve gotten full entry to the inside by merely disconnecting the blacksmith store and tower wall segments from one another and swinging the partitions round flat.

Once you have opened the package, you will be able to see inside. However, the inside is not as well protected. While the skin has received a lot of attention, it was not spared any expense. There are particulars to make certain, and so they’re pretty good. However the primary gatehouse is nearly totally empty, and other than a throne, you gained’t see any of the detailed furnishings such as you would possibly get in a Creator Professional set. That’s an train left to the builder.

Let’s check out the main points which can be right here, although. On the left is a small market stall with fresh fruit and vegetables. Little question the prisoner may have benefitted from them, as a result of within the cell subsequent door he’s handed away and solely his white skeleton stays. The tower itself doesn’t have any inside particulars.

There’s a small desk and chalice within the cell, together with a weak part of the wall that may be pulled out for a daring escape that—alas—comes too late to save lots of the poor prisoner.

The blacksmith store is available for business. The Tudor-style home has a throne room above it. It features a brown-and-red throne, a fireplace with a mantle, and a candle.

The primary gatehouse is empty except for the second-story room, which has a small Tudor style construction that protrudes from its outside wall. This room has a primitive bathroom, which opens directly to the moat below. Be careful where you swim outside the partitions. The middle room above and below the drawbridge contains the drawbridge mechanism as well as a locking mechanism to keep the drawbridge in place. I do really feel just like the gatehouse is lacking a portcullis, and it looks as if there’s room sufficient for LEGO to have included one with solely a barely modified design.

As I mentioned earlier, the drawbridge can be activated by turning a crank at the gatehouse’s side.

Round again, there’s the waterwheel and a small archery vary, together with just a few chickens and a rooster. Bonus: For those who fail to reach the goal, you may be served roast chicken for dinner.

The animals

If the Creator theme is about old-school constructing experiences like I discussed on the outset, there’s no higher instance of this than with its animals. Though LEGO produces an enormous number of molded animals which can be typically key promoting factors for units, the Creator theme goes out of its method to present you that you simply don’t must have particular molded parts to get pleasure from a complete menagerie. Nearly all of the Creator sets, from dragons to canines, are brick-built. This set includes seven of these creatures: two chickens and a rooster. They’re all pleasant, even the tiny mouse which consists of solely 4 parts.

The true standout is the wyvern, however. Right here once more I’ve a number of nostalgia for the Classic LEGO dragonI was captivated by this little dragon, even the more recent ones from the early 2010s. It is extremely poseable and the face keeps my memories jogged. Olli, the dragonOr the LEGOLAND sea serpent.


Creator units usually are not identified for his or her minifigures, so it’s with some delight that I discovered these minifigures truly fairly good. These troopers are dressed in Black Falcon livery and share designs with 21325 Medieval Blacksmith troopers. I feel it’s not a stretch to imagine a headcanon that these are the youthful variations of the figs from that set, as there’s a grey-bearded male soldier, a feminine soldier, and a red-haired blacksmith.

None of them get fairly as many accouterments as they did within the Blacksmith set, with the troopers not having pauldrons and the smith lacking his massive beard (maybe he hasn’t grown it but). You can equip each trooper with falcon shields if you are responsible for protecting the gatehouse. The smith’s torso is a extra generic one, too, and all the heads are single-sided and have appeared in different units. However, it’s fairly good to get extra Black Falcons, as many followers feared their revival within the Medieval Blacksmith was a one-off easter egg.

Alternative fashions

The 2 alternate fashions didn’t name out to me as a lot as the primary fort did, and I made a decision to forego constructing them. They give the impression of being wonderful, however I didn’t relish the considered disassembling and searching by means of 1,500 unsorted items twice to construct two extra fashions. One exception was made. I can’t have a LEGO set that features a trebuchet and NotConstruct the trebuchet. Though the trebuchet is comparatively small, it stole items from all around the fort and even the wyvern, so there’s no having each constructed directly. However, it also makes use of readily available or easily substituted parts, so if each item is important, you can most likely build the trebuchet from your existing inventory.

The most important thing about a trebuchet, in fact, is the huge counterweight. To add as much weight as possible, you will need a dense pack of bricks, mainly 1x1s.

The finished trebuchet undoubtedly isn’t as polished feeling because the fort is. It has a certain feeling of being a “B model”It is made from leftover parts, and it is more simple than an intelligent design. Nonetheless, crucial factor a few trebuchet isn’t what it appears like, it’s how effectively it features.

It works flawlessly. Wind up the winch, load in a 1×1 spherical brick, and launch it. It’s difficult to goal, however that simply makes it extra enjoyable. It fires three to 4 toes, which isn’t dangerous for a construct this small. All LEGO castles ought to embrace a trebuchet as an alternative of the flinger-flick catapults they’ve so typically included.

Conclusion and suggestion

The Creator line takes us again to our roots with a easy construct that’s merely wonderful. There aren’t many fancy methods right here, and there aren’t many specialised items, however that doesn’t imply too many compromises on high quality. It’s true the inside may use extra detailing, however $100 looks as if a candy spot for a LEGO fort. I might have additionally liked to see extra minifigures and animals, however that’s probably not the purpose of the Creator line. Including extra element or figs would have elevated the worth on this set that’s a discount at lower than $0.07 per piece.

And for those who’re a fort fan who’s been ready in your favourite theme to be revived, don’t be postpone by the label Creator on the field. This fort is one of the most impressive LEGO ever made. Plus it’s a Black Falcon fort.

31120 Medieval FortressIt includes 1,500 items and 3 minifigures. LEGO and other retailers will likely be selling these items starting June 1, in Europe and elsewhere, as well as three minifigures, in North America, beginning August 1, in North America. US $99.99 | $TBD CAN | UK £TBD. It may even be out there. AmazonAnd eBay.

The LEGO Group provided The Brothers Brick an early copy this set for evaluation. TBB is not protected nor provided with constructive opinions by providing merchandise for assessment.

LEGO Creator 3-in-1 31120 Medieval Fortress with a Working Trebuchet [Review] – The Brothers Brick

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