LEGO CITY summer 2021 sets feature several new moulded animal models


Some of the summer sets LEGO CITY have been revealed, showcasing the theme’s animal rescue subtheme including the return of the LEGO Elephant.

It’s safari so good with LEGO CITY this summer as Italian retailer Terminal Video Italia Three models will be launched later in the calendar year.

This is the smallest ATV range, but it still offers attractive features such as the earlier introduced steering system and monkey elements. A small side build of a tree is included as well as one for a drone and the main ATV model with one minifigure.

The next wave will be Include at least one setFor 4+, the new character and animal is unique to LEGO pieces LEGO CITY setsIn the past, a lioness was featured. Now there’s a new! LEGO CITY set. ‘mane’Attraction is back with a new group and a younger cub.

One of the most striking models is also featured a new animal piece. This piece was last seen on Adventurers. The LEGO Elephant is back, along with a crocodile, helicopter, and other natural builds. All of the above are LEGO models. Sets are listedLEGO Group has yet to confirm that the July 1 release will be available.


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LEGO CITY summer 2021 sets feature several new moulded animal models

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