LEGO City Square (60097), Amazon/Walmart

The LEGO sales on Amazon have been fairly quiet the past few months but there’s a very nice one for the LEGO City Square (60097).. It currently stands at $132.99. This is 30% lower than the regular. [email protected]Price match at $189.99 Walmart.

It’s buzzing with activity at the City Square! Park your bike at the cozy coffee bar, hop aboard the awesome news helicopter and take to the skies for a bird’s-eye view. When you’re done flying, call by the LEGO Store where a new delivery has just arrived. Help the driver load the boxes, then push them onto the handcart. Take a look at all the cool cars on display in the dealership showrooms. Assist the mechanic with the operation of the car lift. Then, fit a new set of alloy tires. There’s just time to buy a hotdog and a newspaper for the journey home, but watch out for the pizza deliveryman on his speedy scooter as you head for the tram stop! As you travel through LEGO CityTake your bike to the bike rack and walk along the streets. Enjoy the view, take a seat. It was an exciting day. 12 minifigures are included with various accessories. They include a tram driver/pilot and a helicopter pilot, as well as a mechanic, tow truck driver/hotdog seller, LEGOsalesperson and a LEGO delivery driver. There are a boy and girl. 2 LEGO store statues also included.

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LEGO City Square (60097), Amazon/Walmart

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