LEGO City 60285 Sports Car Review

“I just LIKE it!” was my 4.5 year old son’s reply when I asked him why the LEGO City 60285 Sports CarHis first choice was it. It is not hard to see why – the attractive blue and realistic make of this vehicle draws one’s attention immediately.

The design of this car has dimensions and details that resemble a real sports car. LEGO City 60285 Sports CarIt features a sleek body, a movable spoiler at the rear, a removable top (which little hands can take off easily) and tyres with grip!

The cockpit comes with a minifigure that can move and a cool-looking dude. The car’s doors could be opened and closed, which would make it even more fun.

The Building Process

Building the LEGO Car

Comprised of a total 89 piecesThe LEGO City 60285 Sports CarIt is recommended for children 5+ years old. My son, who was not yet 5 years old, did not have any difficulty following the manual. The instructions were easy to follow and didn’t require any reading skills.

The car was built in two phases. There was the base of its body, and two LEGO sets to be opened at each stage. This made the building process simple and engaging, but also easy.

Interactive Construction Guide for the LEGO App

A Free Interactive Construction Guide on the LEGO App

LEGO offers an interactive construction guide that can be used by younger children to provide more guidance. It is 3D viewed, which helps the child see how the LEGO pieces will look and where they should be placed. This is especially helpful for first-time LEGO builders.

LEGO City 60285 Sports Car Review

LEGO City 60285 Sports Car Review

This is the overall result. LEGO City 60285 Sports Car makes a great starting platform into the world of LEGO or even as an add-on to one’s collection. This car will be a hit with children who love playing with cars. My son is a testament to this – starting a race with his other cars as soon as it was completed!

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LEGO City 60285 Sports Car Review

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