Amazon Toys We Love has Barbie and Lego as the most beloved toys for children.

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Amazon released the annual Amazon Toys We Love list last week and there are definitely some kids’ toys here that are sure to trend this holiday season.

We combed through the exhaustive list to give you a head start on your holiday shopping with the stuff that kids are sure to love. These are the top-selling, most innovative toys for kids and will be snapped up quickly after Black Friday.

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Most of these kids’ toys are new and novel, some are tried and true; all are guaranteed contenders for the hottest kids’ toys of the year. If you want to have a stress free holiday season, we recommend these toys.

Ages 0-3

1. CoComelon Boo-Boo JJ Delux Doll

This toy features CoComelon mixed with booboo strips. It’s a combination that little kids will love.

Last year retailers couldn’t keep up with the demand for the CoComelon interactive JJ doll. This year they’ve one-upped themselves with a more cuddly version of JJ that sports light-up boo-boos that need tending to.

Baby JJ sings a Boo-Boo Song and comes with a full medical kit that includes a stethoscope, a syringe, a thermometer and three velcro bandages in tot-friendly designs.

Amazon: $40

2. Lego Duplo My First Bath Time Fun: Floating Animal Island

Amazon Toys We Love: Lego Duplo My First Bath Time Fun

This toy can be filed under “Why didn’t they think of this sooner?

These bath-friendly Duplos feature a floating tropical island that includes a fish, octopus, flamingo and lion. Kids can build the tiny aquatic world with this 20-piece set, and disassemble it to rebuild with their own creative interpretations. When you flip the island upside down, it becomes a perfect storage piece to neatly contain all of the pieces.

$34 at Amazon

3. Fisher Price Little People Barbie Dream House

Amazon Toys We Love: Fisher Price Little People Barbie Dream House

The big kid version of this Barbie Dream House has been a popular item for, well, decades! This year, Fisher Price and their line of Little People have miniaturized the popular holiday toy and made it the perfect play house for kids ages 1 to 4.

This interactive doll house is filled with fun features, like splashing sounds by the pool, swinging swings, tilting slides, a “flushing”Toilet, moving elevator and pizza oven.

This gift is our favorite primer. We recommend it to all future Barbie fan.

Amazon: $47

Ages 3 and over

4. Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Ultimate Ice Cream Truck Toy Playset

Amazon Toys We Love: Play-Doh Ice Cream Truck

Play-Doh has everything you need in this toy The classic ice-cream truck is accompanied by a cheerful jingle to let potential buyers know that they are available. It’s a pleasant surprise to find a cash register that works. “cha-ching”To make children feel in charge.

Play-Doh toys are great for tactile, sensory, and creative play. With this Play-Doh ice cream set kids can make treats with the soft serve machine and scooping station, and then they can get to decorating with a sprinkle maker, tools and all sorts of fun molds.

Amazon: $60

5. LeapFrog Clean Sweep learning case

Amazon Toys We Love:  LeapFrog Clean Sweep Learning Caddy

This pretend playset will make your little one’s life easier. The smiling mop bucket can be used to make kids dance, spritz, mop, sweep and sweep.

As children press the foot pedal, the real spinning bucket makes satisfying swishing sounds. This pretend play cleaning caddy makes little ones feel big and—hopefully—will encourage them to love cleaning up, just as much as they love mess-making.

Amazon: $30

6. Bluey Ultimate Lights & Sounds Playhouse

Amazon Toys We Love: Bluey Ultimate Lights & Sounds Playhouse

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that kids love Bluey. Last year’s Bluey dollhouse was nearly impossible for retailers to keep in stock. This year they’ve doubled the size and doubled the fun with this Amazon exclusive.

This 17-inch tall playhouse comes with Nana, Bluey, and Chattermax figures, a moving dance floor and it even lights up and recites over 50 sounds and phrases.

Amazon: $100

Ages 5 to 65

7. Surprise for Little Live Pets Mama

Amazon Toys We Love: Little Live Pets Mama Surprise

This animatronic guinea pig is adorable and has an amazing surprise! Not only does she respond to love and care but, when she’s well-cared for, you place her in her hutch and she births babies!

This is a fun interactive toy with loads of payoff that’s certain to be a hit this year. Right now it’s fully in stock and listed at a 10% discount.

Amazon: $60

8. Magic Mixies Magic Castle Mixlings Set

Amazon Toys We Love: Magic Mixies Mixling Magic Castle

This Magic Mixie’s castle is a treasure trove of mystical secrets and hidden treasures. It also contains two miniature mixlings, each with their own magical cauldrons.

Each miniature Mixling is gifted with special magical power. There are many rooms and walls in the magical castle that can help you discover the secret power. This majestic home is full of fun features once their magic has been granted. 

Amazon: $40

9. GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope

Amazon Toys We Love: Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope

This might be our favorite STEM toy, especially for younger children. A real microscope can be frustrating to children younger than 8 and 9. This STEM tool makes science exciting and fun.

Each slide is perfectly sized to give lots of visual impact—but that’s only the start of why this toy is so great. Bindi Irwin voices this talking microscope. It shows children what they are looking at, and fun facts about each slide. This keeps their curious minds occupied and engaged.

This toy is great for all ages, no matter if they are future scientists or just love great stories about the natural world.

Amazon: $34

10. Little Tikes Real Wood Stack & Style Dollhouse

Amazon Toys We Love: Little Tikes Dollhouse

This is the dollhouse I would love to live in. Little Tikes’ dollhouse is stylish and cool. It looks straight from Architectural Digest. 

This toy’s modular design allows children to personalize the home to their own liking. This dollhouse is a great place to have fun and be creative.

From a clawfoot tub to bistro seating to even a tiny mini coup, Little Tikes has really amped up the fun with this stylish new dollhouse.

Amazon: $219

11. Crayola Ultimate Light Board drawing tablet

Amazon Toys We Love: Crayola Ultimate Light Board

This super-sized drawing board by Crayola is all about making your kids’ masterpieces more exciting. It’s so much fun to use, you might even want to steal it. 

The Crayola Ultimate Light Board Drawing Tablet comes with gel markers that write on the reusable black screen. The fun really happens, however, when the lights go down. This cool toy turns every drawing into an illuminated work of art when it lights up and takes the drawings through three different visual effects.

Amazon: $29

12. Star Wars’ Obi-Wan Kanobi LO-LA59 Droid

Amazon Toys We Love: LO-LA59

Inspired by the Obi-Wan Kenobi TV series on Disney+, this toy is an adorable replica of the young Princess Leia’s favorite droid.

A simple one-button operation on LO-LA’s head activates adorable droid sounds, a blue light in her primary eye and a purple light in her mouth bring this adorable Star WarsThe key to a fulfilled life is character.

Her head can be titled and her legs can posed. You can also open and close her mouth to express your imagination.

Amazon: $37

Ages 8-12

13. K’Nex Cyber Crossover Legacy

Amazon Toys We Love: K'Nex Cyber X

Nerf gunsThey are a popular choice for children. Use that allure to your advantage and implement some seriously fun STEM learning and design with this DIY Nerf foam dart gun by K’Nex—a powerhouse player in the construction toy space. 

There are seven templates to choose from, or you could create your own blaster design using a design that interests you. It will be able to fire foam darts at 60 feet once it is complete.

Amazon: $60

14. Ziplinx

Amazon Toys We Love: Ziplinx

The concept of dominos gets an exciting makeover with this simple STEAM toy that’s loads of fun.

Ziplinx are spring-loaded, interlocking and stackable toys that can be used to create designs from the very simple to the complex. Simply line up the springs, and tap the first to release it. Relax and watch the chain reaction unfold.

This toy will encourage children to think about physics and design. The end result will be a holiday hit. 

Amazon starting at $20

15. Stitch N’ Style Fashion Studio

Amazon Toys We Love: Stitch 'n Style

Are you a budding fashion designer? We love this beginner machine that’s easy to use and packs a ton of payoff.

You might want to buy a full-sized mattress for your child. Sewing machineThis toy will inspire children to design their own designs.

This is a great alternative to learning all the nuances and intricacies involved with a sewing machine. It can load pre-threaded carts so that they can get on to the fun stuff. Smart stitch sensors tell the machine when it should start and stop.

This sewing kit includes pre-printed fabrics and water transfer, elastics, stampers and many other items.

Amazon: $32

16. Cards Against Humanity Family Edition

Amazon Toys We Love: Cards Against Humanity Kids' Edition

Love Cards Against HumanityAre you worried about your children being permanently scared? Or giving them language and ideas that could make their lives miserable? The creators of the popular game created a PG version for families.

As you might expect, it’s filled with potty humor and it does push the envelope, but it’s technically made for kids 8 and older, so we figure nothing brought up on family game night is any more questionable than what they’ve probably already learned at the lunch table.

Amazon $25

17. Giga Bots Energy Core Activity Statistics

Amazon Toys We Love: Giga Bots Energy Cores

Transform these toys from an energy sphere into 13-inch tall fighting and fully posable robot action figures that are ready for battle.

There are 8 Giga Bots in all and each has its own unique back story and gleans its power from its own specific energy source. You can combine all pieces to make your own GigaBots or create a super GigaBot.

After they are done playing, these robots can be stored and taken back to their energy core.

Amazon: Starting at $17

Ages 10+

18. Lite Brite Pop Wow! Wall Art

Amazon Toys We Love: Lite Brite Pop Wow! Wall Art

This awesome new toy by Lite Brite is a cool primer in 1950s and 1960s pop art and will knock it out of the park when you’re looking for a gift for a hard-to-please teen. It includes 6,000 pieces and three HD Pop Art designs.

At 16 x 16 it’s the largest Lite Brite yet, and its flat back allows it to be mounted to be a display piece once finished.

Amazon: $100

19. Lego Marvel Infinity Saga: Groot figure

Amazon Toys We Love: Lego Marvel Infinity Saga I am Groot!

I am Groot! One of the most beloved characters of the Guardians of the GalaxyYou can make your Baby Groot from the second film in the series.

It also comes with a nameplate that features Groot-specific specs and, of course, a cassette tape for Baby Groot to dance to—when no one is watching.

Amazon: $55

Source: Amazon Toys We Love has Barbie and Lego as the most beloved toys for children.

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