I Brought My Children to Camp ‘Encanto. Photo:

  • My two daughters, aged 5 and 6, went with me to the new place. “Encanto”Camp New York – Experience it!
  • It was amazing to see how much care was taken to detail. This was something my children loved and I was impressed by.
  • The experience lasts about an hour and children can explore all the rooms.

Although I knew my children would have the best time, I was still nervous about bringing them along. the “Encanto” experienceat Camp. It is a. “family experience company,” Camp is mostly a fancy toy store — or so I thought.

My experience is that toys shops are a common source for meltdowns. But this has changed. I love the movieI love it more than my kids, so I decided to give it try. The experience exceeded our expectations.

We arrived too soon

Camp asks that you arrive 15 minutes early to get your tickets. We miraculously got through traffic to arrive 30 minutes ahead of schedule.

I felt relieved to have so much spare time after seeing employees sigh when people arrive late for their reservation. But I quickly learned that arriving too early was a mistake.

The waiting area is the toy store itself, and my girls — 5 and 6 — had plenty of time to examine each and every super cool toy on display. We had several conversations about our feelings. NotI was going to buy anything, but I was afraid that it would go out the window very quickly.

We were saved by a candle, thankfully. It was more like the candleThe “Miracle Candle“That blesses Madrigal family with magic.

One Camp employee gave the girls one flickering candle. As the girls began to argue loudly about who had it, the store’s manager called them. “secret”We, along with a few other families, walked in the door. “Encanto” experience.

Encanto CAMP experience

We entered the experience via a courtyard door.

Courtesy Rosie Colosi

Even as an adult it was thrilling to walk from a brightly lit toy shop into the lush, dimly lit Madrigal home. A “townsperson”Who wore a lovely dress? “Encanto”Casita was inspired by a sartorial outfit.

We were free to roam the rooms, finding surprises along the route. The candle played a significant role in our visit. Each room had a designated spot where the candle could be placed, triggering some sort magical effect.

The children were so excited, they didn’t know where else to look.

After walking through a second door — this one was brightly lit — we entered the central hub of the Casita, a lovely “outdoor”The courtyard was covered in flowers vines. The children were so excited that they didn’t know where else to look. They ran away as soon as they saw the slide in the middle.

There were several smaller rooms located around the courtyard’s perimeter. Isabela’s bedroom was covered in flowers. The townspeople encouraged children to gather in the air and throw them in the air. Antonio’s room featured a jungle theme with playground-type equipment and a twisty slide. Luisa’s bedroom, which we never saw in film, was designed as the “happy place”She dreams of being there “Surface Pressure,”The room is complete with fluffy clouds and a dance floor. Maribel’s quiet room was peaceful and serene amid the chaos of the other rooms.

I know it’s not appropriate to talk about Bruno, but he had the coolest place of all.

A framed portrait was opened to reveal the gentle, tricky path to Bruno’s lair. Children traveled via balance beams, monkey bars, and foam-block. “quicksand”to get there. Parents could access the hallway through the next door. Bruno’s room was accessible only by another passageway.

CAMP Encanto experience

Bruno’s bedroom was the coolest.

Courtesy Rosie Colosi

The magic of that candle must have been magical because my children ran screaming from one room to the next, laughing and squealing. They then passed it back and forth. It can be shared. I won’t spoil the magic of the candle’s activation in each room, but it did activate Luisa’s Skee-Ball machine and Bruno’s whack-a-rat games.

Most of the movie songs were heard at least once.

As we walked around the town, several people were chatting with us and engaging in conversation. I was impressed that they weren’t just humoring the kids — they really got down to their level and Play.

Every few minutes they would break into song — with the help of a roving guitar player, of course — and encourage guests to sing along.

The visit lasted about an hour — the experience is coordinated so that you’ll hear most of the songs from the movie at least once.

CAMP Encanto experience

Employees dressed up in character were very engaged with the children.

Courtesy Rosie Colosi

The coordination of performances was done by Tom Salamon, who has a lot of experience working in immersive theater. Although all the residents were excellent singers, it was the group that really made them shine. Hearing a group of people singing in a room is like walking into a concert hall. “Colombia, Mi Encanto”It made me feel like I was in a musical.

I did start to sweat a bit when the children fled in two different directions. I wasn’t totally panicked that they would run out of the store — I knew they would want to be in the Casita as long as they could, and I’d had them put on their AirTag necklacesBefore we entered. However, it was occasionally difficult to corral them into doing the same thing at the same time, and it’s hard to search for your child in a sea of kids — many in “Encanto” costumes — running through small, dimly lit rooms.

It might have been less enjoyable if I had more children or if my girls were younger. It wouldn’t have been as magical if they were a few more years older.

The candle will let you know when it is time to go

After approximately 45 minutes, our candle’s flame began to flicker. The girls did as instructed and told a local woman that the flame was flickering. She also gave them additional instructions and a secret word.

Pepa’s bedroom was more of a hallway filled with weather-related magic. We entered the room, knocked on another doors, and whispered our password. We were led into a small, plain-looking room where we exchanged our candles to get our photos taken. On our way out, the staff informed us that we would be able to see our photos if we picked up the photo. “special power”In the photo

It was difficult to get the girls to leave. Despite the fact that they were able to leave, website says the visit lasts one hour, there wasn’t any real reason to leave at a certain time — so the promise of seeing our “power”The photo shows the clutch. It inspired them to walk out from the room full toys. “Encanto” clothingMost of them can be personalized using chain stitching. I am extremely grateful that the girls didn’t notice. gorgeous twirl skirtThey were so determined to find out what power we had been assigned.

The magical good-behavior spell that my girls had believed they were under for the last hour was broken when they returned to the toy store under the fluorescent lights. Without our candle, their behavior changed and they wanted every toy in stock.

CAMP Encanto experience

After the experience, you can return to the toy-store entry.

Courtesy Rosie Colosi

We witnessed one more miracle. An employee — who I’d assumed would only encourage the kids to beg me for toys — leaned over and said: “Let’s have your mommy take a photo of you with this toy so she knows where to find it later. And then you girls can follow me and I’ll give you some stickers!”

Just like that, she ludged my children away from Magic Mixies and changed our minds about Camp as a toy shop.

We enjoyed our time in the Madrigals’ world. The indoor playground was beautiful and featured interactive elements as a well as live music. It was the sharing of it with others that made it truly magical.

Source: I Brought My Children to Camp ‘Encanto. Photo:

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