Highlights of early Black Friday Deals on Amazon (US), 25 Nov [News]The Brothers Brick

Amazon Prime Membership available Black Friday all weekYou can get some sets for as low as 20% (or more)This is our first attempt. We select a few of the favourites that we think is a good deal from what we’ve observed. We’ll feature prices that to our knowledge have not been this low (or lowest thus far) on Amazon since its original listing. We’ll try to give a bit of analysis to keep it real and a better decision-making process for you.

220 Pieces| 202 Pieces
| USD $22.79 (Discount). | 24% Discount
Analysis: The price dropped to $19.99 on August 2020 but it was only for a very short time before it was relisted at retail. It’s now at its lowest over the past 3 months since then.

LEGO 76126 Marvel Avengers: Avengers Ultimate Quinjet | 838 Pieces
| USD $49.95 (Discount). | 38% Discount
Analysis: Even though the Oct price fell to $48 per day, it was still the lowest price and it is unlikely that it will fall again. 

LEGO City 60229 Rocket Assembly & Transport – 1055 Pieces| 1055 Pieces
USD $149.99 (Regular).| USD $107.99 (Discount). | 28% Discount
Analysis: This is the lowest price ever on Amazon since it’s the first listing came up. If it’s not in your collection and one that you’ve been eyeing. It’s your turn. You will see that the item is listed as “Frustration-Free Packaging”. Tip from our reader

LEGO 42110 Technic 2573 pieces| 2573 Pieces
| USD $159.99 (Discount). | 20% Discount
Analysis: This yet again, is the lowest price ever on Amazon since it’s the first listing came up.  The following description is given for the item: “Frustration-Free Packaging”. Tip from our reader

837 Pieces| 837 Pieces
USD $99.99 (Regular).| USD $79.99 (Discount | 20% Discount
Analysis:  The lowest price ever on Amazon since it’s the first listing came up.  The item is listed under “Frustration-Free Packaging”. Tip from our reader – Send this package as a present.


LEGO City 200 pieces| 200 Pieces
| USD $15.99 (Discount). | 20% Discount
Analysis:  The last time this price was offered was back in March and hasn’t been as low since then until now. 

LEGO 75255 Star Wars Yoda – 1771 Pieces| 1771 Pieces
USD $99.99 (Regular).| USD $79.99 (Discount | 20% Discount
Analysis:  All time low on Amazon for this wide-eyed looking Yoda.

519 Pieces| 519 Pieces
| USD $55.88 Discount |20% off
Analysis:  All time low on for D-O since late September.

Some of the deals we highlighted are A few days agoThese opportunities may interest you.

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HighlightsAmazon (US), 25 November: Early Black Friday Deals [News]The Brothers Brick

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