Here’s how the TikTok Challenge has led to an increase in theft of Korean cars

Let’s face it, we all did crazy things when we were younger, but occasionally, it feels like kids and teens these days are way wilder than we ever were. Many parents attribute this to social networking and the many challenges that are presented online. Different websites ask the exact identical question. “Is There A Stupid Social Media Challenge You Won’t Try?

TikTok’s past years have seen many bizarre trends and challenges that have made adults question the motivations and interests of teenagers and children. A must-have is nasal spray tanning. The face wax challengeThe Orbeez challenge, salt and ice challenges, and the Devious lick?

Young TikTokers could be sent to prison for a prolonged period of time in the latest TikTok Challenge. This could result in their deaths. Car owners could lose their property or have it vandalized temporarily. CNBC reports that the TikTok challenge’s newest virality is young teens stealing certain vehicles, such as Kias. Hyundai Use a USB cord.

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These are the Targeted Cars In The Theft of Korean Cars

The news about the Kia cars being stolen is familiar to most Americans. But it’s not just Kia owners that felt victim to this dumb trend. Teens also target Hyundai cars. ABC7 states that teenage drivers also target Hyundai vehicles. The TikTok latest hype-dubbed “Kia Boyz“- Encourages teens to steal Hyundai and Kia vehicles. On the positive side, it’s not every Hyundai and Kia models, but mostly vehicles sold between 2010 and 2021 that use a mechanical-key. CNBC reports that teens and young adults are the ones who steal these vehicles using a USB cord.

“For the community, the challenge of owning one of these vehicles, we’re asking that you purchase a steering wheel lock,” said LAPD Chief Michel Moore. You can also install an alarm. The steering wheel lock will offer both a visual and physical deterrent from someone trying to break your glass and into your vehicle.”

These are the Cars The TikTokers Stole

Unfortunately, the social-media challenge that was popularized 2021 gained momentum again this season. Moore reports that the trend led to an 85 percent increase of car thefts in Los Angeles. The TikTok challenge in Florida was responsible for connecting nearly a third of the officers in St. Petersburg to police officers. Chicago’s situation is worse, according to Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart. “[thefts of certain models are] up over 800% in the last month.”

“The viral nature of how this has taken off on social media — it’s accelerated this like we’ve never seen,”Dart spoke to CNBC. “[The perpetrators are] doing it in 20 to 30 seconds. It literally is as old-fashioned as you can imagine.”

Even worse, stolen cars can be used “for joyrides, or used to commit other crimes and then abandoned on the side of the road.”

CNBC reports that Kia offers steering wheel lock devices to law enforcement officers in the affected areas.

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How to Protect Your Car from Theft of Korean Cars

Car owners who are afraid of their cars being stolen or vandalized should keep them locked up and parked in a secure garage. If that is not possible they can invest in an immobilizer and a steering wheel lock. Drivers and passengers of Kia or Hyundai cars should ensure that they do not leave valuables in the vehicle. Kia and Hyundai owners should also contact their dealerships to discuss possible solutions.

Other Dumb TikTok Challenges that Vandalized Cars

Another TikTok challenge, this time brainless, was launched in 2021. It destroyed private property and infuriated car owner. Fox 19 reported that teens participated in a social media challenge. “drive by and throw a slice of cheese out of the window onto a car and take off.”Although it may sound innocent, this can be a costly nightmare for car owners as the cheese can damage the paint on the vehicle. Local media outlets reported another TikTok dumb trend, called Lug Nut ChallengeThat happened in Ohio Valley. The social media challenge encourages teens not to tighten the lug nuts.

“We did some research and found out there is a TikTok Challenge out there with lug nuts where people are actually loosening the lug nuts on the vehicles and putting the driver in a very dangerous situation,”Kevin Cook, General Manager Straub Automotive Group

Other social media posts teens crashing their parents’ and caregivers’ carsThey do it because they have fun or because they feel the need to. LikesOnline validation “kid crashes moms car”TikTok shows that posts have 734.1 million views.

Source: Here’s how the TikTok Challenge has led to an increase in theft of Korean cars

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