HBO Max: The 27 Greatest Movies To Watch

If you’re new to HBO Max or haven’t explored the streaming service in awhile, it’s time to check it out. Start at $10 per monthHBO Max subscriptions give you unlimited access to all HBO content, including movies that have just been released. HBO Max’s movie library changes every day, just like its streaming rivals. 

You can find a list of HBO Max’s most notable originals below. Every week, we keep track of all that is added to HBO Max. HBO Max also offers tons of classics from The Criterion Collection if you are still looking to watch something.

What’s new in this week’s news (Aug. 29-Sept. 4)

Here are the most recent highlights.


  • The Divergent film series (2014 – 2016) Sci-fi. Three movie adaptations to Veronica Roth’s Divergent novels.


  • Elvis (2022). Drama. It’s about Elvis Presley, American musical icon.

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Blockbuster and original HBO Max blockbusters


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Roadrunner: A Film about Anthony Bourdain (2021).

Morgan Neville, a documentary filmmaker has made this film about Anthony Bourdain. He is a beloved author, chef and TV host who travels around the world. He also directed 2018’s Will You Be My Neighbor! Twenty Feet from Stardom, his Oscar-winning film. The documentary features interviews with Bourdain’s friends, former partners, long-standing colleagues, and other people who know him. It also examines Bourdain’s professional and personal struggles. This two-hour glimpse of his life is for both Bourdain fans and newcomers.


Tony Hawk: Until the Wheels Fall Off (2022).

This HBO documentary demonstrates the incredible tricks of a skateboarder who defies gravity. It’s a time capsule from the 1980s and a Hawk version you probably have never seen. We meet Hawk, the skateboarder who is best known for being a determined, lanky and stubborn child who created his own style. Hawk’s determination is remarkable, as well as the amazing skateboard moves in this film. Enjoy a memorable ride.


Beanie Mania is an 80-minute look back at the toys’ golden age. I am a regular viewer and viewer of pop culture documentaries. Here’s your chance to catch the plushie-fest mania if you missed it last year. “Perhaps the biggest toy craze in history,”Beanie Babies can also be traced back to a group Chicago moms that began collecting the stuffed animals, according to one reporter. The documentary also features the woman that invented Ty tags and added poetry. Want more fun ’90s toys? This document should be displayed. 


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Last Night in Soho (2021).

You have a vision of a great movie evening. Last Night In Soho is the latest movie from Edgar Wright (Baby Drivers, Shaun of the Dead). The film opens in the past, as Ellie (Thomasin McKenzie), a fashion-loving young girl, sets out for the London College of Fashion. She eventually falls asleep and is transported to the 1960s where she meets Sandie Taylor Joy, an aspiring singer. This story is filled with mystery, horror, neon lights, and suspense. Reserve a place.


A new Steven Soderbergh movie? Aka, the great director behind Erin Brockovich and Ocean’s Eleven, and more recently Logan Lucky? This crime thriller takes place in Detroit in 1950s and has many twists, thrills and desperate characters. A group of criminals must work together to solve a seemingly simple crime. Jon Hamm, Amy Seimetz, and Jon Hamm star alongside Don Cheadle. The plot is complicated and some people won’t be capable of understanding the fish-eye lens cinematography. But Soderbergh’s sense of humor and his immersive directions make this a fun and entertaining evening.


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What can we say? We love the Japanese drama Drive My Car. It won an Oscar at Academy Awards for best international movie. It’s also three hours long, so people are watching it all the time. That speaks volumes. Drive My Car is a moving film about losing and letting go. It’s available to stream now, even if you missed the Oscars.

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This story, based on Robert Kolker’s magazine article, is about a scandal at a public school and the student journalists who reported it. It is captivating from beginning to end. Hugh Jackman and Allison Janney are outstanding as school officials involved in the scheme. It also won the 2020 Emmy Award as Outstanding Television Movie. 

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King Richard is a touching biopic about the father, Venus Williams and Serena Williams. It’s warm, touching, and easily viewed. The film takes us back to the days before the sisters were household names. We see their childhood in Compton and their time on run-down courts with Richard Williams (Will Smith). Richard is certain that his daughters will succeed and works tirelessly to help them reach their full potential. Richard is a complex man with great personality. His unwavering belief in Venus and Serena is inspiring. 


Steven Soderbergh directed this tech thriller. The story is set during COVID-19. Angela, a Seattle tech worker played by a neon blue-haired Zoë Kravitz, has agoraphobia, a fear that prevents her from making it past the front door of her apartment. After hearing a disturbing recording at her company, she is forced to take the leap. Kimi is a chic thriller featuring stunning cinematography and a solid soundtrack. You’ll love Kimi.

Scott Free

The Last Duel was not a huge success when it debuted in theaters October 10. It’s now available on HBO Max, where audiences can view it from the comfort of their couches as Matt Damon and Adam Driver battle it out. The Last Duel is a historical drama set in the Middle Ages. It was directed by Ridley Scott. It stars Jodie Komer (and Ben Affleck). If you find these details interesting and are willing to enjoy the two-and a half-hour runtime, grab some popcorn. 

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The Eyes Of Tammy Faye (2021).

This biopic about Tammy Faye Bakker stars Jessica Chastain. She was the creator of PTL, the highly popular religious broadcasting channel. Her husband Jim also managed it. Chastain’s passionate performance brings Tammy Faye’s magnetic personality to life. With all her bizarre makeup choices, strangely-timed prayers, and bubbling scandals, you’ll be drawn into her world. It’s not known how long The Eyes of Tammy Faye is going to be on HBO, so we recommend booking an evening with Bakker.

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Judas and The Black Messiah (2021).

The Oscars had a lot of success with The Black Messiah and Judas. Daniel Kaluuya was nominated for best supporting actor for his performance as Judas. It was well deserved. Kaluuya, who plays Fred Hampton (chairman for the Black Panther chapter of Illinois), is a great actor. He shines alongside Lakeith Stanfield, an FBI informant who infiltrated the party. The biopic is a dramatic portrayal of real-life events from late ’60s. It is both shocking and riveting. This film demands your full attention.

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Vada Cavell, 16, must navigate her friendships and school after a shooting occurs at her high-school. The Fallout tackles serious issues with realistic dialogue. It also shows compassion for its protagonists. Jenna Ortega’s Vada and Maddie Ziegler’s Mia Reed are strong performances. It will keep your attention for the entire 90-minute duration.


This little gem is available on HBO Max. Unpregnant stars Haley Lu Richardson, Barbie Ferreira, and a buddy pair who cross states to have an abortion for Veronica Richardson. Yes, it’s about abortion rights. Veronica’s parents refused to allow her to have an abortion. It can also be used as a key gear for all road movies, illustrating a beautiful relationship between the lead actors.

Imaginal Disc

Son of Monarchs, a 90-minute American Mexican drama, will be a rare movie. This character study examines two brothers who are profoundly affected by childhood trauma. The story is magically real and follows their journey in life. Mendel, a biologist, returns home to his hometown, surrounded by majestic monarch butterflies forests.


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The French Dispatch (2021).

Wes Anderson is back with another amazing, bizarre feature. The auteur behind “Moonrise Kingdom” “The Grand Budapest Hotel”He is determined to find a compelling new story or two. The French Dispatch, also called a “love letter to journalists,”The film shows viewers a series stories that were adapted from a fictional magazine. This original film is now in theaters.

Father of the Bride (2022).

HBO Max’s Father of the Bride is a documentary about a Cuban American family. It tells the story of Billy, a patriarch who struggles to take in surprising news from his oldest girl. She has met a man, and she wants to marry him. This is the third film adaptation of Edward Streeter’s 1949 novel, Father of the Bride. It stars Andy Garcia as Gloria Estefan.


Meryl Streep plays an eccentric writer in a Steven Soderbergh comedy. What more do you need? Read more about Alice Hughes (Streep), a Pulitzer Prize-winning author trying to finish her next book. Gemma Chan, her literary agent, is following her. She boarded the ship with her friends, who have inspired her best-known work. Tensions are high. It looks amazing — Soderbergh uses natural light that is crisp and natural — and the dialogue is mostly improvised. It’s clear that Dianne Wiest, Candice Bergen, Lucas Hedges and the rest of the stellar cast had a lot of fun.

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Guy (Ryan Reynolds), a cheerful actor in action-comedy, is blissfully unaware that Guy is actually playing a videogame. Millie (Jodiecomer), an actual programmer, enters the videogame to find evidence that a program has been stolen from Guy. They soon join forces for the mission. Guy must finally come to terms with his dependence on video-games. (Sounds a little Matrixy?) Comparisons These were made.) The movie is fast-paced and fun. It features two charismatic actors. Grab this movie, and put it on your screen.

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8-bit Christmas was a 1980s comedy. It tells Jake Doyle’s tale, a 10-year-old boy who longs for a Nintendo. Neil Patrick Harris delights in narrating the story, as Jake recalls his previous search for the Nintendo console. Although there is a Christmas background to the story, Jake’s unyielding dedication to his mission and the lessons he learns along this journey make this a joyful feature that you should watch even after the holidays. 


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This DC film has a lot violence and supervillains who are willing to work with the US government to reduce their sentences. Their mission is destroy Project Starfish, an alien nation in Corto Maltase. Margot Robbie, IdrisElba, and John Cena make 2021’s The Suicide Squad a hilarious, darkly funny, and entertaining bloodbath unlike what you see in superhero movies. (Peacemaker is also available on HBO Max.

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Two months after Robert Pattinson’s casting as Batman in theaters. Matt Reeves’ satisfying superhero flick made it to HBO Max. The movie is set in Gotham City’s perpetually rain-soaked Gotham City. Our bat-channeling protagonist sets out on a quest to find a mysterious murderer with a penchant in riddles. Catwoman, played by a swaggering Zoë Kravitz, gets entwined in the affair when her friend goes missing. This dark mystery is worth a look due to its excellent scene-setting, storytelling, and characterization. 

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Birds of Prey and One Harley Quinn’s Fantabulous Emancipation (2020)

This R-rated superhero movie explodes in color and the shocking leg injury that Harley Quinn causes. Margot Robbie teamed with director Cathy Yan for this standalone film about the supervillain. Some might be put off by the non-linear plot and loosely gathered anti-heroes, including Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s The Huntress, Jurnee Mollett-Bell’s Black Canary and Rosie Perez’s alcoholic detective Renee Montoya. You’ll enjoy a delicious superhero treat if you let Harley Quinn’s charisma, creative action scenes, and stylish visuals take center stage.


Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021).

Aka The Snyder Cut. This one is for Zack Snyder’s fans who fought for a second chance to finish Justice League. Due to personal tragedy, he was forced to leave the project before it was completed. Joss Whedon was hired, but the theatrical version for 2017 was a disaster on both critical and box office levels. A four-hour Snyder director’s cut, featuring a lot of new scenes, some new villains, and a dramatic epilogue, is now available on HBO Max. It’s worth seeing his original vision if you agree with Snyder’s slomo style.

Are you a fan the ’80s That filmmaking style? The sequel to Wonder Woman takes a deep dive into its influences. Either you’ll be transported back to simpler adventures and heroism, or you’ll be annoyed at the slow pace and absurd plot. Gal Gadot plays Diana Prince, who hasn’t lost her heart since Steve Trevor (Chris Pine’s) death. Her work at Smithsonian, where an ancient artifact triggers a world that causes her difficult decisions, is where she finds herself. Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal are new additions to the cast. Colorful, lightweight escapism.

Musical drama

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Steven Spielberg’s reimaginings of the classic musical have triumphantly made it onto HBO Max. The film received seven Academy Award nominations. Ariana DeBose was nominated for the best supporting actress award. Young Tony (Ansel Elgort) and Maria (Rachel Zegler) meet at a high school dance and start an illicit love affair. This leads to tensions among rival gangs. The film’s stunning production design and eye-catching musical numbers transport viewers back to 1950s New York. The film’s second half is darker, but Spielberg is at the helm and you’ll be able to absorb it all.

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Heights stars Anthony Ramos, who plays Usnavi, the bodega proprietor trying to keep his business running during a heatwave in Washington Heights. Usnavi secretly falls in love with Vanessa (Melissa Barrera), a neighbor whom Usnavi secretly admires. They dream of moving to a different neighborhood and leaving the salon. Usnavi loves Washington Heights and provides lots of love, lottery tickets, as well as cafe con Leche. In the Heights is a celebration in culture, wealth, classism and immigration through choreographed twists.

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