Get to know Vampirina’s Characters

Get to know Vampirina’s Characters

Vampirina is a fictionalized character.  Vampirina, the latest show your child hears about from their friends, is Vampirina.  It’s an animated children’s television show based on the Vampirina Ballerina book series written by Anne Marie Pace. Vampirina, Vampirina’s young vampire daughter, is the central character of the story. Their lives are changed when they move to Pennsylvania, Transylvania in order to start a new chapter. “Scare Bed & Breakfast”All you need to know is about travel ghouls, and the monsters Vampirina. A ghoul trying to fit in and adapt to life on the planet.  Even though the characters may seem a bit unrealistic, the shows have great life lessons embeded in them – how to be friends when you’re different, leadership, kindness, etc..   Let’s take a closer look at all of the characters so you can be in the know.

Vampirina “Vee” Hauntley:

She hides her vampire identity so her family and her can live comfortably. “normal” life. She’s a positive, quirky, energetic child that enjoys singing and dancing (and there’s a lot of Broadway style songs in the show to back this up). Being that she is younger, she hasn’t mastered all the abilities that a vampire has. When she’s anxious, she gets a case the “battys”This allows her transform from her human-form to a bat. She’s also the lead singer/guitarist for the band Ghoul Girls, which she formed with Poppy and Bridget.


Boris Hauntley & Oxana:

These are Vampirina’s parents. It was Oxana’s dream to open up the Scare Bed & Breakfast so the family left their Romanian home. Her hobby is gardening. Boris is a silly person who loves sports. The Transylvania Trolls are Boris’ favorite team. These two adult vampires are extremely agile and have great control over their shape-shifting abilities. Fun fact: Oxana, a woman over 500 years old, looks incredible for her age.)!

Poppy Peepleson

Poppy Peepleson:

She becomes Vampirina’s best friend throughout the series. She has an online show about supernatural phenomena with Edgar, her twin brother. She is aware of Vampirina’s true identity and helps keep it secret from the public. She plays the drums with the Ghoul Girls



She’s a nervous, shy girl that often keeps to herself. She can be seen to be cowardly as she is easily scared of monsters she hasn’t encountered before. Once she gets used to her, she will soon show her friendly, intelligent and funny side. She is also the band’s bassist.


Demi and Gregoria:

Demi is a blue ghost who wears a pink bowtie to take care of Vampirina’s needs when her parents are gone. He often goes along with the girls, but ends up being the only reason or worsening the situation. “adventure”was created. He’s clumsy and forgetful but very supportive and loyal. Gregoria is an old, wise gargoyle who’s often grumpy and sarcastic but is very loving deep down.

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